A Photo Voter ID Requirement Means You’re A Racist


At a Doctor’s office last week, my wife and I had to produce a photo ID. At the airport, we had to show them again. Last week, in order to even enter a Manhattan office building, I had to show my driver’s license at the security desk.

I conducted a bank transaction and they again asked me for my driver’s license.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

But, several months ago, I entered the polling place, didn’t know a soul, approached the registration desk, the clerk asked me for my name, and, just like that, I voted.

No ID, no signature check, nothing! Just a simple. What is your name? and I voted.

The most important cornerstone of our democracy was fulfilled without so much as any verification of who I was.

Pennsylvania is joining a growing list of states who are trying to prevent voter fraud. But don’t worry! In situations like this, we can always count on the ACLU to step in.

Why does  such an important man like me have to waste one minute of my precious time to open my wallet, and show my drivers license? After all, how important is voter fraud anyway compared to my busy schedule?

And the reason from the ACLU? Get this one! Obtaining a photo ID places a “heavy burden” on the elderly! Yea, right.

What is the “real” reason? I can never figure the ACLU out. Maybe it’s to get as many probable Democratic voters to the polls as possible or maybe it’s some other reason, who knows? The facts are quite simple.

  • It’s all based on the 1965 Supreme Court decision that any type of poll tax is unconstitutional. The ACLU considers obtaining a voter ID, to be a poll tax. What a stretch!
  • But, unfortunately for the ACLU, both the Indiana and the Georgia Supreme Courts ruled in 2009, that photo ID’s are legal and clearly not in violation of the Voting Rights Act.
  • 99% (remember that number!) of all voters already have an acceptable photo ID. (drivers license, passport, military ID etc)

If necessary, Texas even offers a free voter ID. Yes, it’s totally FREE and it’s been in effect for several years now without any significant problems. (Unless you consider lessening voter fraud a major problem!)

But again, just disagree with Obama, Eric Holder or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and you know what will come next.

OK, I’ll give you a hint.

Question : What is the definition of a millisecond?

Answer : It’s the time it takes after you disagree with any Progressive for him to call you a RACIST!!!

Dr. John Smyth

Nassau County, New York



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