A Pro-Gun Law That Liberals Should Love


by Julie on Politics

The Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 is a little-known law that should make even the most left wing of gun control fanatics happy about the surge in gun sales under President Obama.

The law, which is also known as Pittman-Robertson for the two politicians who initially pushed for its passage, funnels a portion of revenue from an excise tax on all firearms and ammunition imported or sold in the country by manufacturers to a variety of environmental programs: preserving wildlife habitats, creating public hiking trails, protecting endangered species and other conservation efforts.

The money also goes to building public shooting ranges and refurbishing roads and signage into game lands used during hunting season.

Revenues have doubled since President Obama started pushing for more gun control legislation. As reported by The Blaze, in 2012 the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service received $371 million from Pittman-Robertson revenue. Only two years later they received $760 million.

This year North Carolina alone received $19.9 million—more than three times the amount from 2007. According to The Raleigh News Observer, this money has helped The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission successfully cope with budget cuts in state funding.

“We’ve been able to put this money back on the ground for the public to enjoy,” said Erik Christofferson, Head of the Engineering and Lands Management Division for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Hunters are happy too, as fish and wildlife restoration programs funded by Pittman-Roberston have saved several species like white-tailed deer from extinction.

The Wall Street Journal has also cheered for Pittman-Robertson, reporting successful allocations to numerous environmentalist groups in Minnesota, Michigan, South Dakota, Nevada and Oregon.

Unfortunately, revenues from this law are dependent on gun sales, which have decreased in 2014. Maybe liberal conservationists should help out their own cause and go buy a gun!


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