A-Rod As A Metaphor for ObamaCare


79th MLB All-Star Game

Photo of A-Rod, mid-July

When introduced to New York it seemed the guy, many considered the best all around baseball player in the game, had a brilliant future with the most storied professional sports franchise in the world.  Alex Rodriquez was blessed with great physical gifts and certainly headed for a career rewriting hardball history.  When ObamaCare was being shilled by an historical president it was sold as a cure to virtually all the healthcare ills plaguing the greatest nation on Earth.  The  Affordable Care Act was touted as providing universal coverage, with extraordinary guarantees such as, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”, and “Family premiums will drop by $2,500 a year.”

A funny thing happened on A-Rod’s way to the Hall of Fame, and ObamaCare’s journey into the welcoming hearts and minds of Americans.  Folks began to see the sad, harsh truths about each.  It began slowly at first.  We had whispers of Rodriguez use of steroids.  There was talk of the ACA’s ever growing, heavy-handed, punishing rules.

In both cases, reflexive denials and verbal contortions were gutted by increasing amounts of damning evidence.  Backed into a corner by facts, the respective deceivers settled on displays of  phony contrition.

A-Rod went before the nation and admitted, while with the Texas Rangers years ago, to having used banned substances.  The pressure to perform with a new team made him do it.  He’d learned his lesson and wouldn’t make that mistake again.

ObamaCare apologists began to allude to some problems resulting from enforcement of the new law.  Apparently the 2,500 page statute and 20,000 pages of related regulations had created some “unintended consequences”.  The rush of passing the bill caused some difficulties, but pols suddenly understood their errors and how to fix them.

We’re now learning those claims were mostly false.  The Yankee third basemen went back to his old ways while wearing the pinstripes and dishonest Democrat politicians, led by President Obama,  continued/continue to badly misrepresent and conveniently circumvent their unpopular decree.

It appears A-Rod’s day of reckoning has come first.  He’s been suspended for 211 games but tortures the sport and his teammates by playing while vowing to appeal.  He’s a selfish outcast deluding himself as only a clinical narcissist can.  Not interested in the good of his team or the great game that gave him such extraordinary opportunities, he refuses to go.

ObamaCare’s judgement day is down the road but inevitable.  The Act was built on the same kinds of lies, half truths, and cheating that have marked Rodriguez’s bogus career.  And, like the disgraced third basemen, it’s stubborn supporters slog forward.  Ego-centric Cheerleader in Chief, Barack Obama is focused more on saving his “legacy legislation”  than doing what’s right for his electorate….and the magnificent nation that provided him with advantages found no where else in the world.

What’s really scary is baseball seems more intent on fixing it’s big mistakes than does Washington D.C.  It’s simple really.  While Rodriguez’s fate rests in the hands of a Commissioner determined to bolster the integrity of his sport, ObamaCare’s future rests in the slight of hand of a chief executive willing to unilaterally rewrite or bypass laws at his convenience.  It’ speaks volumes when Commissioner Bud Selig appears more committed to the purity of our National Pastime than President Barack Obama is dedicated to the passages found in our Constitution.

A-Rod and ObamaCare are cut from the same deceitful cloth.  They both need to go. One for the good of our National Pastime.  The other, much more importantly, for the good of our nation.

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