A Scholar Explains Why Black Lives Matter Is One of the Most Dangerous Movements in America


Heather MacDonald

Heather MacDonald, scholar and Senior Fellow of the Manhattan Institute, has described a 1994 law giving the DOJ the authority to control police agencies, who in their view, have engaged in a “pattern or practice” of constitutional violations. Nothing was ever uncovered even after confiscation of hundreds of thousands of documents, many of which the DOJ lost.

That didn’t stop them, over the next decade, the LAPD, was forced to operate under a draconian federal “consent decree”— meaning, a court oversaw every aspect of the LAPD with a $100 million of mindless, paper pushing manpower.

In 2000, a deputy AG, named Eric Holder, forced oversight on them. Holder and now Lynch plan to make this useless government oversight the model for presiding over ALL police departments – ALL. They plan to be much more aggressive than the Bush administration.

This is a power grab.

MacDonald wrote in August 2011, The first thing DOJ demanded as part of its new authority over the LAPD was the collection of racial information on every stop the L.A. officers make—even though the corruption scandal which provided the pretext for the consent decree had nothing to do with race or alleged “racial profiling.”

L.A. police officers are being hamstrung at every turn with voluminous paperwork for every action they take in the field. Any use of force against every gang banger is also overly investigated by DOJ. It has cost the LAPD more than $50 million in unnecessary paperwork. A court ruling has taken some of this oversight away, but the (probably unconstitutional) consent decree is set to expire this month, and the DOJ has made a new and preposterous claim.

MacDonald wrote, according to DOJ’s civil rights division, the LAPD does not investigate racial profiling complaints with sufficient intensity. The department seems to tolerate a “culture that is inimical to race-neutral policing,” say the federal attorneys. These accusations are nothing short of delusional. The LAPD is arguably the most professional, community-oriented police agency in the country, having been led for most of the last decade by modern policing’s premier innovator, William Bratton. Moreover, it investigates every racial profiling allegation with an obsessive thoroughness that stands in stark contrast to the frivolity of most profiling accusations.

This is a takeover of the police by an ineffective DoJ that micromanages, make false charges, runs up bills for paper pushers as they grab power throughout the country.

Ms. MacDonald, has said that Black Lives Matter is dangerous. They hold the belief that racist police officers are the greatest threat facing young black men today. It has triggered riots, “die-ins”, the murder of police officers, campaigns to eliminate the grand jury when police use lethal force, and a presidential task force on policing.

Black Lives Matter [indirectly funded by Soros through Democracy Alliance and other social justice organizations as well as deep-pocketed Progressives] is killing people – Black people – murders are up nearly 17% in the 50 largest cities since Ferguson and shootings are up about 80%.

Proactive policing is halted which is what the radicals wanted.

Black males between 14 and 17 years commit homicides at a rate ten times higher than White and Hispanic combined and Blacks of all ages commit homicides at a rate eight times higher than whites and Hispanics combined.

There is a violent subculture in the Black culture which needs to be exposed and confronted.

Black Lives Matter is infringing on freedom of speech and blaming police.

In Heather MacDonald’s new book, The War on Cops, she lays out the threat against police and its results because of the Black Lives Matter group. As an example of the negative impact from the BLM group, is what it’s doing to compstat, a government program which places cops where violent crime is taking place.

A quote from her book:

“In times of economic stimulus alone, no other government program has come close to the success of Compstat. In New York City, businesses that had shunned previously drug-infested areas now set up shop there, offering residents a choice in shopping and creating a demand for workers, children could ride their bikes on city sidewalks without their mothers being worried they’d be shot. But the crime victories of the last two decades, and the moral support on which law and order depends, are now in jeopardy thanks to the falsehoods of the Black Lives Matter movement.

BLM are being lauded in some media and are even being invited to the White House.

Michael Brown is provably responsible for his own death but he is portrayed as a martyr and police have backed off proactive policing as a result. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot is a lie based on Michael Brown.

The thesis of the group is absurd. The police are not the threat. Blacks are the threat to other blacks.

Black Lives Matter is built on a lie. Blacks are killing blacks, not police. Last year, 987 civilians were killed by police and only 258 of them were black.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t bad police as there are bad apples in every career and it doesn’t mean they should escape punishment.

Forty percent of all cop killers have been black over the last decade and a larger proportion of white and Hispanic homicide deaths are the result of police killings, The Manhattan Institute reported, though it’s still a small number.

Perhaps we should more appropriately start a group called white and Hispanic lives matter. It would still be a lie but more honest.

This radical and illogical theory became popular in about 1994 in New York when administrators at the NYPD decided to base the results of policing on statistics. The theory goes like this – if the results are too many blacks in prison in relation to the population, it has to be racism. It ignores the causes.

In New York City, 23% of the population is black and they account for 75% of all shootings, 70% of all robberies and 66% of all violent crime. Add Hispanics and you have accounted for 98% of all illegal gunfire. Whites are 33% of the city’s population and they commit fewer than 2% of all shootings, Heather MacDonald of The Manhattan Institute reported.

As a result, police called to shootings will almost always be looking for minorities and they will stop innocent minorities because they look like the suspects. It’s an unfortunate reality. Police aren’t looking to arrest minorities. Minorities are committing the crimes, not because of guns, because of social dysfunction in the community and the home.

Black Lives Matter is playing off the mass delusion these politicians and the media have promulgated. Our society is sick or we would not accept something we know to be a lie for fear of being called a racist or because we have people who want to hate police.

This Black Lives Matter lie has to be addressed in every single situation. It’s dangerous and it’s keeping us from dealing with a horrible problem which we can see so clearly in the Killing Fields of Chicago and other Democrat cities.

MacDonald wrote an article for City Journal titled “In Denial About Crime” in which she attacks the left’s false meme on crime and their denial of the Ferguson Effect in particular.

The left refuses to believe crime is going up because of their interventions in policing but Ms. MacDonald presents a most compelling case proving the Ferguson Effect.

The increase in crime and candid admissions by officers as to its very real existence are ignored. Mayors, police leaders and US attorneys who met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in October blame police morale for the increase.

We’ve been warned by FBI director James Comey that most of America’s 50 largest cities have seen significant increases in homicides and shootings this year – many have seen a huge increase. Comey blames the backlash against the police.

There is no question crime is skyrocketing and the trends are dangerous.

MacDonald wrote:

The deniers whitewash the animosity that the police now face in urban areas, brushing off the rampant resistance to lawful police authority as mere “peaceful protest.”

A black police officer in Los Angeles tells me: “Several years ago I could use a reasonable and justified amount of force and not be cursed and jeered at. Now our officers are getting surrounded every time they put handcuffs on someone.

The spirit and the rhetoric of this flawed movement is causing more confrontations with police and closing the door on the gains in communication we had made before it began.”

St. Louis alderman Jeffrey Boyd, at a news conference in July after his nephew was slain, made a poignant plea: “We march every time the police shoot and kill somebody. But we’re not marching when we’re killing each other in the streets. Let’s march for that.”

The St. Louis area includes Ferguson, the site of the police shooting that was so utterly distorted by protesters and the media. The Justice Department later determined that the officer’s use of force was justified, but the damage to the social fabric had already been done.

Now cops making arrests in urban areas are routinely surrounded by bystanders, who swear at them and interfere with the arrests. The media and many politicians decry as racist pedestrian stops and broken-windows policing—the proven method of stopping major crimes by going after minor ones.

Under such conditions, it isn’t just understandable that the police would back off; it is also presumably what the activists and the media critics would want.

The puzzle is why the activists are now so intent on denying that such de-policing is occurring and that it is affecting crime. (A 2005 study out of the University of Washington previously documented the impact of de-policing on crime in the aftermath of the 2001 antipolice riots in Cincinnati.)

The antipolice left is committed to denouncing the root causes of crime. They are invested in it because their policies are to blame.

We can’t solve the problem if we don’t face the problem. The following interview is one everyone should hear. We need truth, not falsehoods, and then we can turn things around.



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