A Smug Jeff Flake Boasts of His Betrayal to the Party & the Judge


Flake appeared on “60 Minutes,” alongside his commie friend Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), and said he would never have sold the party out to the left if he was running for reelection.

“No, not a chance,” the Trump-hating Republican lawmaker responded. “There’s no value to reaching across the aisle, there’s no currency for that anymore.”

As the smug Flake spoke, Coons told Pelley his buddy was a “hero” for his actions. Of course he is a hero to the leftist. Democrats can now try to destroy Kavanaugh for another week. Soon Kavanaugh will be labeled a serial killer — it’s all they have left.


The liberal Republican then took a victory lap on stage at the Global Citizen event and said, “Feel free to join me in an elevator any time.”

You can’t be a global citizen and be a Republican. It’s neo-communism.


By now, and probably at the time, Flake knows Soros groups arranged for the ‘Victim Scream’ in the elevator. It gave him cover and allowed him to pretend he really cares about these women.

Sen. Flake’s Screaming ‘Victims’ Were George Soros Babes


  1. I think the Repiblicans should call for immediate updated background checks on Shumer, Pelosi, Feinstein a.nd Booker.

  2. It is disturbing to see so many conservatives thinking that republican senators are ready to fight for Kavanaugh, merely because Graham and McConnell spoke up. Big deal that Grassley and Graham want investigations, as if I have forgotten that their role is to be the primary investigator in this matter. They are the ones that botched this situation. Help is not on the way. The DOJ is not going to rush and save Kavanaugh.

  3. The McConnell gang helped insert RINOs into the senate over the past 10 years. The result is about 15 republican senators that oppose Trump.

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