A Tale Of Corruption


Once upon a time, Richie Kessel headed up LIPA (Long Island Power Authority). He lives in the lovely hamlet of Bellmore-Merrick. He moved up and onward to the NYPA (New York Power Authority).

One day, NYPA made thousands of dollars of donations to Bellmore-Merrick, an area they don’t service and, as I mentioned, the area Richie lives in. The people who actually live in the NYPA areas balked, to the surprise of the NYPA leaders who thought they were oblivious.

Along comes soon-to-be-appointed NYPA trustee, John Dyson, who will make sure there is a full investigation of any donations to areas not serviced by NYPA. I really feel confidant that he’ll do something worthwhile. (irony here).

My question is, Why should a power authority be giving any donations to anyone anywhere with ANYONE’S tax money??? Why, someone tell me why???

The End (of us?)