A Typical Day in the Life of Obama!



For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, I apologize for ruining your day. For those of you who have heard about this before, I apologize for also ruining your day. Either way, this really sucks!

In 1984, our “friends in Washington” decided that poor, indigent people, really could use a “free” phone. This would show them, after all, who their real friends were.

OK so far?

Typical Liberal scheme:

  1. a “worthwhile” idea
  2. the need is there
  3. anything to ensure votes in November
  4. the tax payers only find out about it WHEN IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP IT!
  5. absolutely no safeguards or follow-up procedures are allowed, And
  6. it must be “free”

OK, take a deep breath! These are the numbers:

“Free” phones for poor, indigent people: Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood taxpayer!

  • In 2008, this free, phone-program cost us “only” 819 MILLION dollars!
  • This year, in 2012, it costs (this is really hard to believe!) 2.2 BILLION DOLLARS!
  • Two dollars and fifty cents is added to EVERYONE’S monthly phone bill to subsidize this “free ” service!

Sounds like a tax to me. And now the worst of the worse!

Six million phone-recipients or 41% of ALL the recipients, COULD NOT PROVE THAT THEY WERE REALLY ELIGIBLE TO LEGALLY RECEIVE THEM!


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