Abby Huntsman & Meghan McCain Torch Know-Nothing ‘View Ladies’


Abby Huntsman blasted ‘The View’ ladies on behalf of President Trump. It all began when former fake Republican and ‘View’ panelist Ana Navarro said President Trump is “too friendly” with Putin. Huntsman pointed out that he has been tougher on Russia than Obama.

Then Sunny Hostin wondered about Trump’s decision to cancel a meeting with Russia over the seizure of Ukrainian naval vessels.

“Um, when was he concerned about the Ukraine?” Hostin asked.

“Really? Really, Sunny? Really, Sunny?” Huntsman said. “Trump has actually been tougher on Ukraine than President Obama was. The first thing he did with Russia when he got into office was arm the Ukrainians and put sanctions on Russia as it relates to Ukraine.”

What came next was funny. Huntsman’s father is in Moscow and she knows exactly what is going on. She straightened them out. Navarro then said her father can’t know what goes on in private as if Navarro can. The leftist audience loved it although it was a ridiculous statement.

Know-Nothing Navarro, the fake CNN Republican, went on to ripping Trump. Huntsman brought her back to Obama. Meghan McCain then loudly torched ignoramuses Navarro and Sunny Hostin.


Joy Behar ended the confrontation the leftists were losing by offering a beer for everyone and going to commercial break.

This week Kid Rock lost his role as the Grand Marshall of the Nashville parade after he called her a “b*tch” on TV. Accuracy is no excuse for cursing her out on TV.

Kid Rock told co-host Steve Doocy, “People need to calm down, get a little less politically correct and I would say, you know, love everybody. Except, screw that Joy Behar bitch.”

Doocy moved in to do damage control with a slight laugh.

“I mean, ‘lady,’” Rock added, and later clarified in the segment that he was “joking.”

“Today I said ‘Screw that Joy Behar bitch.’ Mess with the bull, you get the horns. End of story,” he continued. “I apologized for cursing on live TV, I will not for my sentiment nor do I expect an apology from [Behar] or anyone else who has choice words for me or doesn’t like me.”

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