ABC Execs Fear ‘The Connors’ Minus Roseanne Is About to Bomb


We have a real strong feeling that the Roseanne reboot is going to be an abject failure. The reason for that belief stems from comments made by John Goodman and ABC executives. The brass fear it will fail.

John Goodman, of ABC’s “The Conners,” said recently that his former co-star, Roseanne Barr, has been missed in the weeks after the show “Roseanne” was abruptly cancelled.

“She is missed, definitely. After that many years, it’s like a family,” Goodman said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Last year was so miraculous and so unreal that when it went away it was almost like a dream.”

Is it just that or does he think his new show is a bomb?


According to the Daily Mail, top ABC brass may have acted too swiftly by pulling the plug on Roseanne – and they now fear the show’s replacement spin-off will flop without its star.

Two senior executives at the network have told DailyMailTV that firing the actress was a “knee-jerk” reaction by ABC’s president and admitted that temporarily suspending Barr may have been a wiser decision.

“We didn’t think it through properly. What Roseanne did was wrong but we shouldn’t have rushed to fire her. It was almost a knee-jerk reaction by Ben [Sherwood] and Channing [Dungey] who should have launched an investigation,” one insider said.

“This would have given them more time to listen to the public, advertisers and cast members to determine the best decision.”

Ya think?


They fired her after a tweet comparing Valerie Jarrett to Planet of the Apes. She didn’t know Jarrett was black. Most don’t. Her mother’s white and she was born in Iran. She doesn’t particularly look black.

The tweet said, ‘muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby= vj.’

She didn’t deserve to be fired and blacklisted. She’s talented and she’s no bigot.

The sudden realization comes as the reboot without Roseanne is about to hit the TV screens on October 16th.

They have to be getting bad readings on the new show from their trial runs with select audiences. It’s not like ABC has very many hits.

They should be forgiveness, beg her to come back and do the real Roseanne show.



  1. ABC deserves this bomb. You can’t do Roseanne’s show without her. FOX should pick up the show and put Roseanne back in it.

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