ABC News Caught Faking News Twice in Three Days


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ABC News was caught faking news and then faking a photo — all this since Monday. They were busy little bees. First they deceptively edited a quote by George W. Bush’s spokesperson and then they used a fake photo they stole from the New Yorker.

First There Was Ari

They apologized after being caught editing a quote by former press secretary to George W., Ari Fleischer.

Nightline used part of a quote on their show Monday night to attack Sean Spicer. It was meant to deceive. They had to know they were changing the meaning of the quote.

Nightline quoted Fleischer saying, “[Spicer’s] briefing made me uncomfortable. It was too truculent, too tough. It looks as if the ball was dropped on Saturday.”

Fleischer was actually complimenting Spicer but they cut off this part: “It looks to me as if the ball was dropped on Saturday, Sean recovered it and ran for a 1st down on Monday.”

The former press secretary let his displeasure be known on Twitter.

Then Came the Fake Photo

fake photo

ABC News used a mocked up pic (above) of Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Wednesday to promote its first TV interview with the prez, and the image was ripped from The New Yorker! Oops. TMZ caught them and then tongue-in-cheek praised New Yorker for fooling ABC with their photoshopped photo.

Newsbusters reported that the picture showed Trump looking out the window of the Oval Office in a pretty standard pose, however, outside that window there appeared to be a massive blizzard. The only problem? It hasn’t snowed in Washington D.C. in weeks and certainly no storm that intense has hit the area so far this winter. In fact, the weather on Wednesday was unseasonably warm – sunny and 60 degrees.

An ABC spokesperson told TVNewser: “When the marketing team created the promo, they included the wrong image by mistake. They updated it with a new photo as soon as they realized the error. We regret the mistake.

They’re a Good Source for Fake News

Last May, ABC News was caught lying about Donald Trump smashing barricades. They backed up the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Lie” among others. ABC was Hillary’s cheerleaders.

ABC News is your source for the latest breaking FAKE news in entertainment, technology, music, politics and the world.

We Will See More of It

Facebook is updating its “trending” feature, which shows popular topics discussed and shared on its site, in an effort to root out “fake news and misinformation”.

They’re going to look at the number of publishers posting about the same topic — not just the number of people sharing or commenting on single posts or articles — when assembling its list.

That’s intended to ensure that the topics “reflect real world events being covered by multiple outlets.”

Facebook won’t personalize the topics based on users’ interests.

That means you can expect more fake news from so-called mainstream outlets.


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