ABC News Reporters Followed by Armed Guards at Cincinnati IRS Office



Armed uniformed guards followed ABC News reporters around at the Cincinnati IRS office as they attempted to get answers to the targeting scandal. The reporters were planning to speak with someone in particular who “would not want to be seen talking to reporters” and decided to pass that office by because of their armed babysitter.

When reporters asked why they were being escorted in a public building, the officer said he was only making certain that newsmen did not make a “nuisance” of themselves.

The reporters couldn’t find people to talk to them three days into the scandal – May 14. Washington headquarters denied there was a no-talk policy and when they were asked whether employees were reminded of the official media policy the spokesman said “no.”

In Ohio, the IRS folks told a different story. One who asked to remain anonymous told ABC News that security guards reminded employees of the official policy to not talk with the press or “risk losing our jobs.”

The IRS is still not much on customer service!

I hope the reporters are bulletproof on their audits and their personal emails and phone records.

So much for transparency.

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