ABC News Report Says President Trump’s Not Under Investigation


An ABC report found that Donald Trump is not under investigation, according to anonymous sources. There is preliminary planning and no decision has been made.

The Washington Post broke a big story this past week claiming President Trump was under investigation for obstruction of justice. They cited five anonymous sources. As with most of their stories, it appears to be false.

If it were true, it would be an illegal leak.

Rod Rosenstein warned in a statement to not believe these stories of leaks by unnamed sources.

Should an investigation come, it will be based on mind reading

The ABC reporter talks about the seriousness of Comey’s charges in the clip but the reality is that if they go along with Comey’s thinking, they are criminalizing thought. Comey was reading Trump’s mind and guessing at his intent.

This is the same man who couldn’t figure out Hillary’s intent.

As it turns out with most of the leaks, it’s not true, at least not yet, That is according to this ABC report from justice correspondent Pierre Thomas.

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