ABC News’ terrible reporting on Trump-Zelensky talks being contingent on probing Bidens


Yesterday ABC News posted an article that contradicted the President’s version of events in the Ukraine story. They found a Ukrainian lawmaker who said everyone understood the Trump-Zelensky phone call was contingent on Ukraine investigating the Bidens. It was a big story were it not for the fact that everything they reported about it was wrong. This is why people don’t trust the media.

ABC News first made note of the Biden extortion case.

ABC News claimed Wednesday that former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who says he was fired after then-vice president Biden ordered it, was discredited for not properly investigating corruption in his office. That’s why he was fired, the outlet reported, not because of Joe Biden.

In the interview with ABC News in April 2019, Viktor Shokin said he believed Biden pressured the government to fire him because he was leading an investigation into Burisma, a Ukrainian oil and gas company where Biden’s son, Hunter, had a seat on the board of directors.

We know that is true because Joe Biden admitted it on video in 2018. The rest is irrelevant. Shokin was fired immediately upon demand of Joe Biden, something Joe Biden bragged about.

The report then got to the point of the story which was an advisor to Ukraine President Zelensky said everyone knew there wouldn’t be any conversation unless Ukraine agreed to investigate the Bidens.

As it happens, the advisor, Serhiy Leshchenko only advised the President briefly during the transition. ABC News had to correct that:

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly described Serhiy Leshchenko as a current advisor to Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Leshchenko advised Zelenskiy’s transition team following his election in April but has since been distanced by the administration. He is no longer advising Zelenskiy.

Sergiy Leschenko

ABC News also reported Sergiy Leschenko [the man behind the black book that got Manafort fired as Trump’s campaign manager], claims it was understood in Ukraine that a probe of Joe Biden was a pre-condition for the Trump-Zelensky call.

There might have been a serious failure to communicate since Leschenko denies he ever said that. Leschenko, a Ukrainian politician and journalist, works closely with both top Hillary Clinton donors George Soros and Victor Pinchuk,” according to Lee Stranahan. In any case, he denies it.

What ABC News also failed to mention in the report is the President asked for a probe of interference in the 2016 election, especially as it concerns Crowdstrike, the company the DNC used to claim Russia hacked their servers. The DNC would not allow the FBI to look at their servers and the Comey FBI was fine with that.

Biden was brought up later in the conversation by President Zelensky, not by President Trump.

There you have it — more fake news.

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