Able-Bodied, Working Age People on the Dole Won’t Like This Message


Americans who receive rental assistance from the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development pay as little s $50 monthly for rent. HUD Director Dr. Ben Carson wants them to pay their fair share.

He wants to triple their monthly dues in some cases, but only for the able-bodied, working age.

There are millions of people living for free, or nearly free, with free food and free healthcare of the taxpayers’ dime even though they are able to work. Thank a Democrat for that.

CNN Money reported that the increase would increase the rent for more than two million of “the nation’s poorest”. They would have to pay what the rest of us pay for housing, about 35 percent of their gross income instead of 30 percent of adjusted income.

If you don’t work, you will be poor.

Rents would go to $150 for 712,000 recipients. This would only affect able-bodied working-age Americans on federal housing assistance.

They should get illegals off the rolls while they are at it.

CNN also reported it would not affect the elderly or disabled for at least six years, after which time, they would pay $50 a month.

“The Making Affordable Housing Work Act” is a bill Congress would have to approve. HUD cannot unilaterally change the rent rules. Knowing Congress, they probably won’t have the guts to do it.

It would allow housing authorities in the country to require residents to work!

Work requirements are also being instituted or expanded for those on Medicaid and food stamps.

Carson said it will make the program financially sustainable for the long-term. There will be money for those who really need it and can’t work, like the elderly and the disabled.

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