Abort Babies at 9 Months Gestation & Make Everyone Pay for It – It’s the DNC Way


I am a woman and I don’t want anyone telling me what I can do with my body. However, if a woman has an abortion after 22 weeks gestation, the baby being aborted is viable. Should a woman be allowed to abort because she feels like it?

In cases of rape, incest, or a woman’s health, I do believe abortion should be allowed, but when does a woman’s “choice” supersede the baby’s rights? The current President fought for post-birth abortion three times on the Illinois state senate floor.

I was at a family party yesterday and was told by one young lady that she and many other young woman are terrified of Republicans and especially Paul Ryan. She said it was because they want to disallow contraception.

NO, I repeat, NO Republican running for office wants to disallow contraceptives, we just don’t want to pay for other peoples’ contraceptives.

Mitt Romney has said, for years, that he is in favor of abortion in cases of rape, incest and a woman’s health. That is not an extreme position.

These young women who are terrified of Republicans should be terrified of the Democratic National Committee plank which supports abortion up to the moment of birth (look up partial birth abortions) and even after (if the intention was to abort).

That is the most extreme position, but the young woman at our family party did not agree. What have we taught the youth and how did this happen?

Seventy-one percent of babies born between 22 weeks and 25 weeks survive and go on to live fruitful lives. Without a very good reason, how can we encourage the abortion of  viable “fetuses,” as Obama likes to call them? I like to call them babies.

If women want to murder fully-developed babies, then don’t make me pay for it because it violates my conscience. Pay for your own abortions ladies. The Hill has information about partial-birth abortions.

The following video is well worth watching. You tell me who the extremists are!

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