Abortion Industry Targets College Women in California with Crazy Law


California’s State Assembly passed which will require all public university campus health centers to provide abortion pills. The bill has passed the Assembly and now heads for Governor Moonbeam who will sign it.

They call it ‘reproductive equity’.

The abortion industry is simply targeting college women. State health centers already provide these services.

The radical politicians are making universities responsible for students’ birth control and abortions. Where is the personal responsibility?

Schools will be forced to provide non-surgical abortion pills to the students. Startup costs will come from donors but then taxpayers have to foot the bills. Campuses would have to establish agreements with hospitals for emergency care for those who experience complications from the pill. They will also have to upgrade facilities with safety improvements and pay for insurance.

It’s insane, dangerous, and it will be expensive.

These college clinics will promote abortion as the only sensible choice when there are other choices. The loons think killing fully-developed babies at public expense is a constitutional right.

Generally, Democrats believe in abortion on demand although it is not the position of most Americans. California takes the most radical position on abortion and boasts of killing fully developed babies to the moment of birth. They do it without any regard for the guilt and devastation many women feel for years afterward.

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