About the Impending New Zealand Gun Confiscation


Let New Zealand serve as a cautionary tale.

New Zealanders have begun handing in their firearms to police in the wake of Friday’s mass shooting in Christchurch which resulted in the deaths of at least 50 people. The far-left Guardian newspaper made a story out of that but, in the end, only 37 were handed in.

New Zealand has become a very far-left country and they will use any excuse to disarm the people. Totalitarians will not let you keep your arms and any excuse will do.

The prime minister is expected to announce changes to gun laws in the coming days, including measures such as a ban on semi-automatic rifles, a plan that was flagged by her attorney general, David Parker, one day after the massacre.

Democrats want to do that here obviously.

Jacinda Ardern said her team would take the rest of the week to work out the details after agreeing to make changes “in principle”, adding: “These aren’t simple areas of law. So that’s simply what we’ll be taking the time to get right.”

They are blaming the gun for the actions of a monster who also had eight bombs with him. That is rarely mentioned since bombs are already banned. Unless every gun in the world is banned, the monsters in the world will still get guns. And if they can’t get guns, they can easily make bombs.

The extremist leftists also blame white conservatives half a world away for the murders by the vicious man who self-identifies as a socialist white supremacist. The generalization and stereotyping of every Republican as a white supremacist is racism, period.

That is nuts and it’s illogical. Get a grip Democrats.



  1. Leftist Battle Cry: Ban the Guns! How convenient that the Christchurch terrorist attacker was a white privileged supremacist (?), but his tactics sounded like ISIS. What if …?

    • What if??? Keep asking the right questions….and pay attention to the media bias since Kosovo…it is interesting to note that the few “atrocities” committed in the west “pales” in comparison to the over 1.5 million Syrian Orthodox that “disappeared” at last count from the start of hostilities in 2011 to mid 2016. Yet every one of these “happenings” are “overplayed” by the media…with one intent…to remove personal firearms “EVERYWHERE”…Our politicians “hate” us and have sold out to you know whom!!!

  2. New Zealand has a lot to hide as one of the members of the Five Eyes nations. Democrat politicians have traveled to NZ on multiple secretive occasions to use NZ’s cyber system that skirts our cyber systems and thereby could hide Hillary’s and other leftists’ nefarious computer files. Very clever until Trump and Q got onto the scheme. The psychotic Deep State orchestrated those tragic mosque shootings to divert attention away from the cyber scandal that’s brewing. New Zealanders are also now being forced to turn in their guns because of those Deep State-orchestrated mass shootings done by their MK Ultra mind-controlled shooter(s). There was more than one shooter, and they were on assignment for the Deep State. First they disarm the citizens, then they take away their freedom. Trump 2020!

  3. Well, got news for you all, NZ and OZ have always BEEN leftward leaning countries. They are a bit more brash and outspoken so what they say and do goes relatively unnoticed until they get really beyond sanity. Thus the OZ banning firearms and now facing thousands of illegal weapons in the hands of who they don’t know nor are they used in public obviously. That’s what happens when you ban things that ppl want. Happened with alcohol here and still happening here with certain drugs (which the dea won’t tell you is where they get the majority of their convictions and the police get their arrests and confiscate money. Note how they trumpet whenever they make a big coke/meth bust but don’t mention the dozens a day large pot busts)

    And NZ is further left than OZ ever was. They were anti war before the US was back in the ’50’s with the a=bomb. That they took this long is only because they’re so few of them. They are few and have little influence over world politics so everyone mostly ignores them. Nice place to retire to and veg out. Very pleasant. People are a bit snobbish with Americans. They’re relatively well off but no major advancements come from NZ.

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