Abrams won’t concede the election she lost but might run for president


Socialist Stacey Abrams is hinting at a run for President but at the same time, she refuses to concede the Georgia gubernatorial election she lost by 50,000 votes. She claims she won. You “can’t trick” her she says.

“We had this little election back in 2018. And despite the final tally and the inauguration and the situation we find ourselves in, I do have very affirmative statement to make. We won.”

“I refused to concede because, here’s the thing: concession needs to say something is right and true and proper. … You can’t trick me into saying it was right.” Republicans “stole” the election from “the voters of Georgia.

Abrams is a controversial figure. In a piece for Foreign Affairs Magazine in February, she laid out her own Communist Manifesto, calling for a revolution against whites. People might want to read that.

Ms. Abrams lost the gubernatorial election fair and square but the soundbites she’s putting out stating the opposite are effective with her followers. Despite losing the gubernatorial, and even though she never plans to concede, she might run for President.

“I am thinking about” running for president, “I truly am.” “The timing for me is first deciding about the Senate. Because I do think you cannot run for an office unless you know that’s the job you want to do. I don’t think you use offices as stepping stones.”

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