Abusive Acosta Gets His Press Badge Back for Now – Updated


Update at the end

A federal judge on Friday directed the White House to restore the press credentials of Jim Acosta of CNN temporarily. It is a temporary ruling.

Abusive Acosta lost his pass after he wouldn’t relinquish the mic and chopped at the arm of the intern trying to take it from him. His questions are always meant to embarrass the President.

The revocation of the press badge that grants access to the White House grounds became a test case for journalists who say the President can’t withhold privileges from this reporter.

The ruling, from Judge Timothy J. Kelly of Federal District Court in Washington, was viewed as a victory for journalism and a timely reminder of press freedoms that advocates say have recently come under threat.

CNN had argued that Mr. Acosta’s free speech and due process rights were violated, warning that a president should not be allowed to pick and choose who reports on him.

The administration contended that presidents enjoy broad discretion to bar journalists from the White House and that Mr. Acosta’s barbed questioning and refusal to yield his microphone was boorish and disrespectful.

Judge Kelly’s decision came in response to CNN’s request for an emergency order restoring Mr. Acosta’s credential.

Other legal issues raised by the suit, CNN v. Donald J. Trump, which the network filed this week, were expected to be addressed in subsequent hearings.

The case, CNN v. Donald J. Trump, is being used to say the President’s White House is dysfunctional. If you have watched the pressers, the press is dysfunctional and abusive.

Hopefully, the President will not call on him or rotate seats so he’s in the back at times.


Not everyone agrees with the decision.


  1. This was a case of “due process”. How pathetic is a “Justice” system that gives a “news” organization due process but when it comes to civil asset forfeiture there is NO due process. So long as one is in a “protected” class all is well. I have absolutely no faith or confidence in our system justice, if one wants to call it that.

  2. rule number one in any such gathering… never give the person asking questions the mic… an intern should hold it at ALL times. Period.

    also, just don’t call on Jim or April. Period.

  3. The Administration doesn’t determine the seating arrangement. It is set by the White House Correspondents Assoc. Recently it was somewhat modified.

    Unfortunately there was precedent in the DC Circuit court that had to be considered, which is ‘due process’ in the revocation, according to previous case law. The White House can follow its process and then revoke the pass once again and then Acosta would have little recourse.

    What is disgusting, this is the same CNN that lobbied heavily to get Infowars off all platforms and domains and removing their payment processors. It is the same outfit that “threatened” an individual for a “meme”. It is the same outfit that harassed an elderly woman calling her essentially a “Russian agent”. It would be interesting to see a class action lawsuit Against CNN for all this.

    In the meantime the President should forthwith cancel all events, press conferences etc with the press and any events with only a pool reporter.

  4. From what I’ve read elsewhere, the judge apparently said that the President has the right to revoke the pass, but that the way it was done wasn’t in line with due process. He ruled in favor of the 5th Amendment argument, not the 1st Amendment. I gather that if the President goes about it the right way, then the revocation of Acosta’s press pass would stand. In the meanwhile, I think Trump should forego all press conferences, and that Sarah Sanders shouldn’t call on Acosta. When he’s disruptive again, they should revoke his pass in the correct manner. I don’t necessarily agree with the judge, but his ruling makes some sense.

  5. The boorish idiot, his “fake news” employers and the dysfunctional jurist deserve each other. The cowardly CNN “ratfink” SHOULD be charged with assault; “IT” DID lay a hand on the intern. Noticed how quickly he relinquished the microphone, as if it had suddenly become overheated and scurried hastily to his seat when the President stepped back from the podium. The ‘douche bag’ must have peed himself thinking the D. was coming his way…lol

  6. Something to consider: If the cnn dipshit had behaved this way in the Fed. Judge’s courtroom, he would now be in jail for contempt and maybe assault.
    The briefing room in the White House is more important than any single Fed. court.
    President Trump has the right/privilege/DUTY, as did other Presidents in the past, to revoke the press pass of whomever he chooses.
    President Trump is not keeping cnn from being there, only their out-of-control political ACTIVIST.

  7. Just don’t call on him for questions again, he can be there but the press secretaryand POTUS have tge right not to call upon him.

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