Wife beater murders his wife hours after non-profit bails him out


A bleeding heart [for the bad guys], non-profit that pays the bail for poor and minority people bailed out Samuel Lee Scott who beat his wife Marcia Johnson. Within hours of his release, he murdered her. He beat her brutally and left her injured in her home where she was found the next day and rushed to the hospital, dying five days later.

Scott and his 54-year old wife Marcia

Scott also allegedly told Johnson that the “might as well finished what [he] started since [she] was going to contact the police,” the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office wrote in a probable cause statement.

That threat should have been enough to NOT bail him out.


“The Bail Project is an unprecedented effort to combat mass incarceration at the front end of the system,” according to the group’s website. “We pay bail for people in need, reuniting families and restoring the presumption of innocence.”

The Bail Project is comprised of “passionate advocates” known as “Bail Disruptors and Client Advocates…many of whom have experienced the bail system firsthand,” according to the website.

“We believe that paying bail for someone in need is an act of resistance against a system that criminalizes race and poverty and an act of solidarity with local communities and movements for decarceration,” the page read. “Bail is not necessary to ensure people return to court. We won’t stop until meaningful change is achieved and the presumption of innocence is no longer for sale.”


Officials at the bail project said they were “deeply saddened,” were in no way responsible, and the cause is more important than this one incident. They added that if he had money, he would have been released.

Judges really have to increase bail for people like this, and the Bail Project should do a better job of checking on the type of criminal they are letting out. The judge probably thought the $5,000 bail would keep him in jail.

These types of liberal/leftist organizations would better serve the community by providing services to victims. They don’t seem to think they have an obligation to talk with a victim before they post bail for the attacker.

Scott is charged with First Degree Murder and they won’t be able to bail him out this time.

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