Academic Has a Creative Idea to Save the Planet – Stop Growth!


U.K academic Jason Hickel has a creative idea on how to fix the economy – stop growth. He wants the GDP to regress in an attempt to “break our addiction to the economic growth that is killing us”.

Dr. Jason Hickel of the London School of Economics is a man on a crusade to end “the tyranny of GDP.”

In an interview for BBC’s Newsnight show on Thursday, Hickel called for “degrowth.” Hickel thinks the Earth is running out of resources.

Of course rich nations are to blame, he says, because we “use three times our fair share of bio-capacity.”

The goal of de-growth is “to increase human well-being and happiness while reducing our economic footprint.”

Hickel says we can “cut excess consumption by curbing advertising and taxing carbon.”

Also by “introducing a basic income and a shorter working week, it would allow us to get rid of unnecessary jobs.”

We need to all just share what we have and live happily ever after.

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