Accused RINO Rep. King to Retire as Dems Target the District


Peter King took to Facebook Monday and announced his retirement from Congress after his term is up in 2020. He is accused of RINO-ism. The local Tea Parties frequently protested him in their heyday.

His district is still mostly Republican. The 14-term Republican won his last election by a little more than six points. President Trump won by nine points in 2016.

Rep. King is a nice person and he will take strong stands on issues. He has supported President Trump and backed his agenda.

The representative for the 2nd district of Long Island said he’s done with the weekly commute.

A former chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, King cited his work to secure health benefits for victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Superstorm Sandy. He also said he was proud of “being consistently cited for bipartisanship,” Roll Call reported.

That “bipartisanship” helped give him the RINO label.

Roll Call states that the suburbs around the country are trending away from the GOP and King was on the “retirement watch list” unveiled in February by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales has rated the race for New York’s 2nd District Likely Republican.

Republicans will have to put up a good candidate and they will have to work for the seat. The Sentinel knows the district well that and it is not as safe as it once was. All of New York is in danger of being lost to socialism. The socialists here promise lots of freebies and lie about how much freedom Americans will have to give up.

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