ACLU Apologizes for This White Supremacist Photo


The ACLU posted this great shot of a baby holding a flag and wearing a shirt that says, ‘free speech’. but the ACLU apologized for it. Can you guess Why?

That’s right, a white baby with a U.S. flag is the epitome of white supremacy. They received two negative responses and apologized.

Anything white is racist at this point even though whites are the majority.

The ACLU tweeted to the idiots that the Twitter followers are keeping them “in check” and reminding them that “white supremacy is everywhere”.

Are we then to ban white babies with U.S flags? Is it the white baby or the flag or the two together? Maybe it’s the shirt that says ‘free speech’? I need some direction on this.

Tucker took on one of the ACLU babes over free speech.

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