ACLU Starts Constitutional Campaign, You Can Make Up Your Own Rights!


ACLU Has a New Ploy

In advance of the Inauguration, the hard-left ACLU wants people to take an oath to protect the Constitution – the leftist’s version of it that is. This is the same ACLU that wants to abolish the Electoral College, limit our 2nd Amendment, and convert our Constitution into a remake of the UN’s Socialist Bill of Human Rights.

On their website, the ACLU is promoting a “people’s oath” to protect the Constitution. The only problem is they want to uphold what they think the Constitution says.

They are out to protect all our constitutional rights which they think includes healthcare, birth control, illegal immigrant rights. Let’s not forget an Obamaphone and Obama Broadband.

Do you remember all those things in the Constitution?

It’s trending on twitter as #people’s oath and #TheResistance.

Just another gimmick from the communist “liberty” union. They might as well stick to what they know best — removing crosses from cemeteries and public squares.

Do you remember these issues in the Constitution — gay marriage, LGBT whatever, gender fluid bathrooms? Pretty much everything is mentioned, and you can make up your own rights too, except they omit what is actually in the Constitution.

Sorry guys, we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the natural rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

Get over it snowflakes! This was an added bonus. I had no idea we’d get the added bonus of a liberal meltdown.

Pro and Con Twitter Users

They hate America but pretend they love it.

There are as many negative critiques of the tactic as there are for it.

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