ACLU Demands US Pay Up for Some People Here Illegally over ‘Trauma’


The ACLU was in court Thursday demanding the federal government pay illegal aliens, some of whom are criminals, for their alleged trauma over the zero-tolerance policy.

The ‘traumatized’ people who all broke our laws, came into the country illegally. No such demand was made when Barack Obama did it.

The class-action lawsuit was filed in federal court in Arizona on behalf of several families and seeks compensatory and punitive damages. It also seeks to establish a new fund to pay for future mental health care for families who faced separation.

So we have to pay for them forever.

“Although separated families can never be made whole, justice requires redress for their suffering,” the families say in their lawsuit.

They are worried about scars left on the children but they’re not worried about the core problem that caused it – open borders and freebies offered by Democrats at the end of the journey. They are not worried about the women and children raped along the way.

The policy was announced by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and it focused on prosecuting parents who jumped the border illegally with their children.

According to The Washington Times, traditionally only about 20% of unauthorized crossers faced criminal charges — the rest were put in deportation proceedings but escaped criminal penalties. That number went up to 50% under the policy.

Children ended up being separated because of the leftists’ open borders policies and the illegal behavior of the foreigners. There was no space for them in the shelters because of the ENORMOUS numbers coming in thanks to leftists like the ACLU making that happen.




  1. The ACLU should be dismantled, they want to destroy our country. You never reward illegal entry to a sovereign nation. We have a process to come to this country. They broke the law, I. don’t caré about their feelings, we spend enough on Illegal Aliens, that should not be here in the first place.

  2. I think the ACLU owes Americans for the way it has injured taxpayers and the sane. The way I see it this amounts to about 5 million for each American. If the ACLU can’t pay it when let’s just take the belongings of all its members, then anyone who donates to support their criminal activities, then anyone who ever worked for them.

  3. What about us Americans who were traumatized those 8 years that Obama was in office. We should get paid something also.

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