ACLU Sues Ferguson Over Too Many Whites


The ACLU wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to divide us along racial lines and neither would the NAACP.

This next story sounds ridiculous to me – they want to overrule the democratic vote in Ferguson and put only black people on the school board and city council by Fiat.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit on behalf of the NAACP against the Ferguson-Flourissant School districts for allowing white majority rule. The voting population is majority white but the student population isn’t. They say it’s discrimination against blacks.

They further claim the school district elects members with a system that dilutes the “black vote”  causing them to be underrepresented on the Board. There are currently six whites and one black on the school board. They say that the democratically elected Ferguson-Florrisant School Board “dilutes the voting power of the African-American community and severely undermines their voice in the political process.”

Whether the blacks voted is another question to be answered.

The school district includes eleven municipalities, twenty three schools, and over 11,000 students.

The ALCU and the NAACP are claiming that the overall racial diversity in the school district is harmful to black people in majority black Ferguson. They are demanding a court mandated, majority black, board of directors for Ferguson public schools.

They want the courts to supersede the democratic electoral system.

They also claim the voting system violates the Voting Rights Act as it “impermissibly denies African-American voters an equal opportunity to participate in the political process and to elect representatives of their choice.”

Blacks are not the majority in the school district. While, three-fourths of the students are black, the area’s voting-age population is majority white.

The NACP wants a new system of voting which would break down the area into sub-regions, each of which would elect one person to the Board. Some believe it would unfairly give preference to blacks.

Maybe there is a happy medium.

The NAACP system would not be based on a democratic vote but rather a gerrymandered electoral constituency.

It would be a rigged system to give blacks an unwarranted advantage, unwarranted according to our democratic system.

The ACLU wants to broaden the mission of the Ferguson riots against police to the schools.

Ironically, the schools were originally established to include diverse communities as part of a 1975 desegregation order. The majority white voters resulted because of the order.

Social engineering didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

The school hasn’t responded to the lawsuit yet.

The NAACP wants more blacks on the city council as well.

No black was denied a seat on the council or on the board because they are black. One has to wonder how many even ran for a seat and if so, were they qualified.

The lawsuit seeks to undermine the white majority in the community.

The ACLU is a leftist organization that pushes the country towards socialism at every opportunity. This is more of the same. Their goal is social justice not justice.

In their press release, the ACLU said: “It is a core American value that everyone has the right to cast a vote that counts,” said Jeffrey Mittman, executive director of the ACLU of Missouri. “This lawsuit is a positive step toward addressing racial inequities in our education system that will affect not only Ferguson, but all of Missouri.”

What they want is a socialist value, not an American value.

Their complaint is a straw man. By giving the smaller population the vote, they are actually depriving the majority of their votes.

This is nothing more than a black power movement which is tied to the overall agenda of the political leftists which includes communists. They want to divide whites and blacks more and bring us back to the 1960’s.

In November, masked strangers from the Revolutionary Communist Party walked up to students in the St. Louis school district and handed out flyers encouraging them to skip school and protest.


St. Louis School District Superintendent Tiffany Anderson said at the end of November, a group of adults wearing masks and claiming to be from Chicago were passing out fliers to students as they walked home from school.

The fliers were “encouraging students to be disruptive and encouraging them to think of police as pigs,” Anderson said. “That was disturbing.”

Anderson notified other school districts in north St. Louis County about the fliers.

People were urged in the fliers “to pour into the streets immediately” after the announcement comes regarding Officer Wilson. It also said “Students should walk out of school when they hear another murdering pig has gone free.”

St. Louis has become the center for the hoped-for national movement which some see as a revolution to overthrow our system of government.

This latest lawsuit against Ferguson schools is just one more stratagem.

ACLU Press Release



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