ACLU Sues 12 NJ Districts for Expecting IDs from Illegals


The [Communist] ACLU is has filed lawsuits against 12 New Jersey school districts for asking for IDs that require Social Security numbers or valid immigration status to enroll children. However, some districts are only asking for driver’s licenses or ID and that’s a problem for the ACLU also. They say IDs are too restrictive and exclusionary.

The law requires American taxpayers to pay for the education of children here illegally.

Most of the districts immediately pushed back saying enrollment decisions are not based on immigration status.

The ACLU claims there is a climate of fear in [illegal] immigrant communities.

“New Jersey’s state Constitution calls for free public education, and that applies to every single child — no exceptions,” ACLU-NJ staff attorney Elyla Huertas said in a statement.

One of the districts named is Northern Valley schools. The Superintendent James Santana in an email called the claims in the lawsuit “misleading,” that the district complies with all state and federal regulations, and that “we are going to vigorously defend ourselves against these baseless charges.”


The ACLU said in the lawsuit that the district according to its website requires parents to prove residency before enrolling children in the district, and that parents must provide a New Jersey drivers’ license or identification, and “it is not possible for immigrants who lack Social Security numbers or a valid immigration status to obtain such identification.”

ACLU-NJ Staff Attorney Elyla Huertas says asking for a drivers license violates New Jersey’s state Constitution, which calls for free public education for every child.

“In a state where one in five residents is foreign-born, at a time when our president has made the exclusion of immigrants a key part of his policy agenda, it’s more important than ever for every school district in New Jersey to meet its obligations, both to New Jersey’s families and to the Constitution,” Huertas said.

One in five? That’s excessive. Foreigners will decide NJ’s future.

Another district named, Sea Girt schools, had a five-year old policy on their website that they took down. The ACLU never bothered to call and ask them about it.

All the districts that responded said they never refused admission based on immigration/visa status. The ACLU sues without asking questions apparently. They are intimidating, bullying districts so there is no record of immigration status. The leftist legal activists don’t want district officials asking for IDs, period, ‘a driver’s license or ID’ as they phrase it, is too restrictive.

Without IDs, anyone could sign up for these schools and the taxpayers would have to pay for their education.


Among the districts named in the suit are Watchung Hills Regional School District,  Northern Valley Regional High School District in Bergen County; Bellmawr School District, Sterling Regional High School District and Winslow Township School District in Camden County; East Orange Community Charter School in Essex County; West New York School District in Hudson County.

Also named in the lawsuit are: Sea Girt School District in Monmouth County; Harding Township School District in Morris County; Watchung Hills Regional High School District in Somerset County; Montague School District in Sussex County; Cranford School District in Union County; and Allamuchy School District in Warren County.

The ACLU says there are other districts asking for IDs but these are the most restrictive.

Districts need IDs so people from different districts don’t enroll their children illegally.

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