Ryan & Clinton Agree-Act On Medicare


Bill Clinton & Paul Ryan

In this off-camera exchange with Paul Ryan, Bill Clinton said he is glad they won the race in District 26 but he hopes the Democrats don’t use this as an excuse to do nothing. He told Ryan to call him if he wanted to discuss the issue. Bill Clinton’s speech followed along with much the same theme.

The Senate voted on Ryan’s Budget and Obama’s budget yesterday. Newsday, the perennially inaccurate reporter of news, failed to even mention the Obama budget votes, but I will! Obama’s budget went down 97 to 0 and Ryan’s had 0 Democrats and lost 5 Republicans.

The Republican Party needs to grab hold of Medicare and own it. It needs to be addressed and the Democratic Party is the party of “do nothing.” They would rather NOT do what is in the best interest of the people than do something about a growing, unsustainable benefit which takes courage to discuss. Ryan’s plan does not eradicate Medicare. It keeps it the same for retirees and people close to retiring. It offers a different approach to everyone else in an effort to sustain the program for future generations.

The Democrats are the party of NO. The District 26 race was won because the candidate lied. Kathy Hochul, the winner, said she was against Obamacare and Ryan’s “destruction of” Medicare even though she knows that is a bald-faced lie. In fact, she must pick one approach, and as a liberal, she will pick Obamacare. She scared the seniors into voting for her with lies. Is that the new Democratic model we can count on? A model based on winning the election at all costs?


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