Activist Obama Judge Blocks Construction of KeystoneXL Pipeline


A one-sided NY Times article reported that a federal judge blocked construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, claiming the Trump administration “simply discarded” the effect the project would have on climate change.

Obama’s policy of blocking fossil fuel energy is still in effect two years after his departure.

This decision comes after more than a decade of studies and delays. The left and their well-placed tyrannical judges will destroy fossil fuel energy any which way they can.

The ruling by Judge Brian Morris of the United States District Court for Montana repudiates one of Donald J. Trump’s first acts as president. He is one of three Montana judges, all of whom were appointed by Barack Obama.

The government must now once again study the pipeline’s environmental impact. The NY Times claims the President “dismisses mainstream science”. In actuality, he only dismisses the extremism in the science.

The Times deceptively writes the Trump “administration is also seeking to block a landmark lawsuit on behalf of children asking the government to stop the rise of planet-warming gases.”

The idea of it coming from children has been debunked as a stunt. It’s being driven by their parents and other handlers.


The nearly 1,200-mile pipeline from TransCanada Corp. would carry about 800,000 barrels of petroleum a day from the Canadian oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries.TransCanada did not respond to a request for comment nor did the Trump administration. Construction could have begun as early as next year.

If they can’t build it here, Canadians will send the oil to China, a country that is polluting the earth without making any efforts to clean up their act.

The Times quoted the usual environmental extremists with their customary hyperbolic languages and couldn’t find a soul with a differing opinion of the pipeline.

In addition to reaching for excuses to stop the construction, the ruling condemns the Trump administration for failing to address the Obama administration’s arguments about climate change, including the need to keep rising global temperatures at safe levels as a basis for denying the pipeline permit.

Obama’s “safe levels” would bring us, literally, to the pre-industrial age. That was the goal. As we said, Obama’s rules are to be kept in place by activist judges. Barack Obama subscribed to the most extreme tenets of climate change religion. The Paris Agreement would have killed our economy to — maybe — reduce earth’s temperature a half-degree in one hundred years.

The Trump administration or TransCanada could appeal Judge Morris’s ruling to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

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