Activists Interrupt the Brutal Symbolic Stabbing of ‘Julius Caesar’ Trump


A New York City Shakespeare in the Park play, ‘Julius Caesar’, substitutes Caesar with a Donald Trump look alike as Caesar. He ends up brutally stabbed, blood spewing everywhere, to the elation of middle class New Yorkers who pour in to see it. The wife of Caesar, who has a slavic accent, is also executed during the play.

Opponents say it mainstreams violence against political opponents.

A right-wing reporter decided to use the left’s tactics against them last night. Calling them Nazis, reversing the usual verbal attack used by the left, he interrupted the play temporarily. A woman accompanying him named Lisa Loomer was arrested.

The leftists booed the activists.

Also this week, in the wake of the near-massacre of Republican politicians in Virginia, a teacher had a fifth grade class put the play ‘Julius Caesar’ on wearing Trump hats.

There’s no understanding that Trump is the President. The left would treat any Republican president this way. They don’t believe any Republican has the right to be president.

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