Actor Attacks Laura Ingraham for LeBron Comments in Disgusting Tirade


Actor Michael Rapaport attacked Laura Ingraham after she told LeBron to “Shut up and dribble”. In response, he told her to “Dribble these nuts, B***h”. He didn’t stop there, listen to the video clip.

Lovely man.

This is the left today, going high when others go low. Apparently, he misunderstood and reversed Michelle Obama’s quote.

It’s an extremely vulgar rant. It’s hard to believe he has a radio show people listen to. Laura was commenting on LeBron’s constant vile attacks on President Trump when she used the title of a book she wrote, ‘Shut Up and Sing’ to tell LeBron to shut up.

Since then she has been battered by the civil, politically correct Democrats.

Ingraham said James could serve as a “cautionary lesson” to children not to take political advice from pro athletes after the Cleveland Cavaliers star criticized President Donald Trump in a podcast interview.

“This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school early to join the NBA, and it’s always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball,” Ingraham said. She later issued an invitation to James to appear on her show for a debate.

LeBron often sounds unintelligible, and this vulgar tirade by Rapaport is just what you would expect from one of his supporters.

ESPN’s Wilbon said she comes off like a bigot. That is one of their favorite fallback positions. When they have no argument, they call people names.

Ingraham’s comments that drew the vile response from Rapaport can be heard below.

  • I never heard of him either. I find it pathetic that these blacks find everything racist if it doesn’t agree with their mindset. “They can’t handle the truth.” Well boo hoo hoo live with it.