Actress backs pastor who calls Trump supporting Blacks “mentally ill”


America-hating actress of the far-left, Debra Messing thanked a Baptist Church pastor who put up racist signs. She publicized his hateful message. He claims that a black person who thinks for him or herself by voting for Trump is “mentally ill” and a white person who votes for Trump is “racist.”

Those are fascist tactics from the far-left who rely on these methods because they have no winning arguments. They’re terrified they will lose some black voters.

Messing is getting a lot of support online. Democrats like her only like blacks who support far-left Democrats and their Marxist message.

The pastor is stereotyping every Republican as a racist. He’s the racist.

The pastor is a true believer in systemic racism. Without any evidence, he said President Trump sees Blacks and Hispanics as substandard. He’s a redistributionist, a Marxist.

People should vote for the candidate who gets the job done, and we don’t mean the job of socialism/communism.

Debra Messing is a fascist McCarthyite. She wants a list of every one in Hollywood who is conservative so they can be banned.

Trump supporters are now flooding the church tweet:

Recently, Dr. Carson had a wholesome message.

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