Add This to Her Resume – Hillary Clinton Has an Evil Sense of Humor


Hillary is a fighter in the faux war on women who once found great humor in freeing a man she thought was guilty of rape while she impugned the character of a 12-year old girl.

Hillary C

Hillary Clinton, the lawyer, once got an alleged child rapist off with a two month sentence – time served in the county jail.

She was doing her job – ruining the reputation of a child to free an alleged rapist – but what is most disconcerting is how she found such great humor in the whole affair.

The following tape was recently uncovered by The Washington Beacon:

via Washington Free Beacon

Clinton wrote about the case in her book “Living History” and conveniently left out the part where she put the child on trial.

Clinton, in setting up the rapist’s defense, attacked the girl’s character. The girl said none of what Clinton accused her of was true.

The girl went in a car with the rapist, a man who lived with her and her family, because he invited a 15-year old boy she had a crush on. The purported rapist, Thomas Alfred Taylor, 41, plied the child with whiskey and coke. Taylor drove to a ravine and left her alone with the 15-year old. It was the 15-year olds story that he had sex with her and left the car.  Taylor is said to have gotten into the car, climbed on top of the girl and raped her. The 15-year old said he heard her scream and he saw Taylor pulling his pants up as he got out of the car.

Taylor yelled at them, claiming they planned it, according to the boy.

While in jail with the 15-year old, Taylor told the boy they had to get their stories straight.

After the alleged rape, on that same night as the rape, the girl went with her mother to the hospital where a doctor said she had injuries consistent with rape.

A mistake by a crime lab led to a lack of sufficient evidence but the most disturbing thing in these tapes is that Hillary laughed about the fact that he was guilty and was free thanks to her legal machinations.

In 2008, Glenn Thrush, Newsday reporter, wrote an article about the case. I couldn’t find this article on Newsday, but you can read it on Yid With Lid to get more background on the case.

At the time of the interview, the victim bore no ill will towards Clinton but according to Truth Revolt, she does now bear abiding anger towards Glenn Thrush and Hillary Clinton, Taylor’s defender.

Hillary showed her great sense of humor when Gaddafi was brutally murdered. Listen to her:

Gaddafi was a dictator and a vile individual, but he was brutally tortured and killed. What happened to him is really not funny.

A body language expert made note of Hillary’s “evil laughter” during one interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday on September 24, 2007:

Why would anyone vote for Hillary unless they are just resolute far-left activists?