Addicted, Trump-Hating Junkies Buying Fixes From Lying Pushers


Over the past five or so weeks we’ve seen Trump-haters from all stripes desperately embracing and spreading any kind of story that could possibly reflect badly on the president or his supporters.  They willfully and blindly accept any scenario that fits their preconceived, negative narratives regarding Donald Trump and those who may have voted for him.

Like despairing addicts growing increasingly impatient, the “haters” reach out to deceitful, scheming, opportunistic shady characters, for their next “fix”.  Just look at the cast of discredited schemers, hoaxers, and fraudsters they nestled up to recently.  The one specific thing they all have in common?  They’re all liars.

Nathan Phillips

First, we have drum beating, pot stirring, Native American, Nathan Phillips.  He, sporting a record of being AWOL from the Marines, and a history of previous run-ins with the law, offered himself as a victim.  Old Nathan’s claims of being “threatened” and “blocked” by high school kids waiting for their bus was easily debunked by multiple videos that showed he was the aggressor.  

But not before a biased media and Democrats took a look at teenage boys wearing MAGA hats, and straight away, bought the bogus “junk” Phillips was peddling.

Jussie Smollett

Next came the Jussie Smollet scam. He, like the indigenous person cited above, checked all the boxes needed to make him a target of make-believe, Trump inspired, villains.  One could say Smollet took Phillips victimhood and went one better, cause Jussie was black and gay!  

The problem for him was his tall tale, on the face of it, seemed utterly preposterous.  Smollet was braving Chicago sub-zero wind chills, to go sandwich shopping at 2 AM, when he suffered an assault and attempted lynching by two men wearing MAGA hats, shouting pro-Trump slogans, and anti-gay slurs.  

Once more, however, until this stupid sham was irrefutably exposed, sanctimonious Dems along with compliant left-wing “reporters”, breathlessly slapped down their dough for some of Smollet’s impotent “smack”.

Michael Cohen

Is it any wonder then, fearing painful withdrawal from Nathan and Jussie’s phony dope, desperate Trump-hating junkies would embrace convicted liar, tax cheat, and rat Michael Cohen?  So naturally, he was promoted all over TV, spewing canned lines, no doubt written for him by Hillary Clinton’s own, Lanny Davis.  

Unsurprisingly, Cohen may have opened himself up to additional charges, including lying to Congress once again.  He did, however, offer quite a surprise for those counting down to The Donald’s final hours in office. Michael’s testimony pretty much debunked the whole Trump, Russia collusion fantasy, which has been the basis for all those fever-pitched, counterfeit conspiracy scenarios. 

Talk about one betrayal after another.  First, Trump-haters get conned by Phillips and Smollet’s promises of a special kind of high.  Those pledges having miserably fizzled, they then take their addiction to hustler and failed fixer, Michael Cohen, for that one final “rush” guaranteed to finish President Trump.

But Cohen simply joins the others in failing to deliver the dope needed to sustain the haters’ habit.

Is there a “three strike rule” in effect here.  No.  They remain political Trump-Hating Junkies lusting for their ultimate “fix”.   



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