Adios Nike! Hero Governor Ducey Stands Up for Betsy Ross’s Flag


In time for Independence Day, Colin Kaepernick reared his Marxist head and demanded Nike withdraw their “Betsy Ross” flag sneakers. Remarkably, Nike did. Kaepernick walks around with Castro tee shirts and cops as pigs socks, but he’s offended by our Betsy Ross.

In his revisionist history, Betsy and her flag are mindful of slavery. You have to hate America to tie Betsy to slavery.

Nike has been harshly criticized but none came out so powerfully as Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. He withdrew all incentives for Nike to move to Arizona. He said the state did just fine without them and they don’t need them now.

The latest excuse by Michael Spencer is we can’t use Betsy’s flag because some racist group named III% uses it. That’s insane. Anyone can damage our flags then??? Have people lost their sensibilities? It’s more of a reason to take it back.

Senator Cruz also had his say

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