ADIOS! Speaker Paul Ryan Will Retire in January [Videos]


Speaker Paul Ryan will not run for office again. He will retire in January so he can spend more time with his wife and children. He mentioned his one regret was not getting entitlement reform from taking place. It is the one thing that must happen to slow the growth in spending. It likely weighed in his decision.

If he thought he could get that done, he might have stayed although he didn’t say that.

This is not a good sign ACCORDING TO THE LEFT AND THE RINOS. We say ADIOS!

The primary reason Speaker Ryan is not running for office in November is that he doesn’t want his kids to know him as a “weekend Dad”. He has no regrets for accepting the role as Speaker and regards it as an “honor”.

Weekend Dad

Paul Ryan blamed the Senate for the explosion of spending under his watch. He is correct. The Senate does little about anything of importance.

Blame the Senate

Speaker Ryan has reassurances Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein will not be fired.



    • Ryan broke the 72 hour rule. He disallowed amendments and debate on numerous occasions. He wrote secret bills. He misrepresented contents. He withheld the information on the sex abuse payouts. He broke the Boehner rule on a majority of the caucus favoring a bill. He is the biggest spender in Speaker history. He has not allowed any significant cuts of any program. He set up Nunes on phony ethics charges to delay the investigations. He made wall building illegal. He is a pawn of the most powerful financial interests in the USA, the COC, the Business Roundtable, and K Street.

      He has no integrity. He is a complete self-serving phony.

  1. Luckily we will not see whatever it is that Ryan calls entitlement reform. He has not cut a dollar of spending. He is the biggest spending Speaker in history. He is entirely incapable of reform.

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