Admin Releases Draft of Rule Shutting Down Obama’s Catch-and-Release


Unskilled workers from Central America have been pouring into the United States illegally. The Obama-era Flores’ rule, also known as ‘Catch-and-Release’ is largely to blame. A new regulation out of the DoJ will finally end it.

The 2015 Flores catch-and-release loophole allows migrants, who bring their children, to be released into the United States after just 20 days in detention.

The 1997 Flores agreement controls the way illegal immigrant juveniles are treated in immigration custody. For nearly two decades, it was deemed to apply only to children who jumped the border without a parent or guardian, but Judge Gee ruled in 2015 that it would, for the first time, also cover children who arrived with parents.

Her ruling meant the juveniles had to be released quickly. And since they were supposed to be released to their parents, that meant releasing the families.


The Trump administration’s new regulation will change all that. The draft regulation was developed under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is rolling out a wide series of management reforms to rebuild control of the border, Breitbart reports.

Homeland defense Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said legal loopholes have hindered the department’s ability to “remove family units that have no legal basis to remain in the country.”

The document allows juveniles to be kept with their families in the government’s custody beyond 20 days until their cases are settled.

The rule will allow the use of FRCs [family residential centers], by creating an alternative federal licensing scheme for such facilities,” said the regulation.


The new regulations will also only allow government officials to release young migrants to either parents or legal guardians. It ends Obama’s practive of delivering smuggled children to people who say they are relatives of the migrants.

No one has been checking thanks to Obama’s rules.

The open borders Democrats are already planning their many lawsuits. However, when it gets to the Supreme Court, it will be found constitutional.


Watch these illegal aliens invade while dressed in military garb. Thank a Democrat!

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