Admin Responds to Daily Mail Calling Trump a Liar on the Border Wall


The Daily Mail published a story on Thursday claiming that Trump has built “ZERO new walls despite claiming otherwise for months,” citing a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Roger Maier.

Maier told the British publication that the “first new wall project, where no barrier currently exists, is anticipated to start in April.”

What is most frustrating is the left and the media don’t want the President to build a wall, they do everything they can to make it impossible, and then they use it against him if they can. They jump at the opportunity.

In this case, the reporter is wrong and was given misinformation.


A senior administration official told The Daily Caller on Friday that building walls where there were gaps or only small or ineffective non-wall barriers before is, by definition, building new walls.

He also told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the administration has built “new border wall” where non-wall barriers had previously existed.

Maier said, “CBP has built and continues to build a new border wall along the Southwest border. To date, CBP has built 38 miles of new border wall system in San Diego and Calexico, California, Santa Teresa, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas.”

“This new wall provides new capability by replacing ineffective or dilapidated infrastructure, such as Normandy-style barriers designed only to stop vehicles, not people on foot. This ongoing construction is part of about 115 miles of new border wall system underway using FY2017 and FY2018 funding. FY19 funding also provides for about 55 miles of new border wall,” he added.

It certainly isn’t zero, but it’s not impressive either. Given the fact that the President has ZERO support, it’s amazing anything has been built. The President is telling the truth, and the reporter is incorrect.

What is clear is that we need our laws to change and we need to step up building the wall to help our border agents. And we need more border agents.


Border Patrol backed up the President.


The INVASION continues unabated at the border. They all claim asylum which means they get to stay and get to be released. This is an invasion but CNN says if you use that word, you are encouraging massacres like the one in New Zealand. They are obviously trying to silence us.

When you have 1500 in one day in one location pouring across, and this goes on day after day, it’s rightfully called an invasion. The left is great at not calling things what they are and coming up with euphemisms.

The saddest thing in all this is Congress, the useless Congress, could stop this in one day. All they would have to do is CLOSE THE LOOPHOLES IN THE ASYLUM LAW. They won’t do it. They won’t do a thing. Illegal aliens are not asylum seekers and nothing new is going on in these hellhole countries from which the travelers come. The only thing new is the hard left has found a way to break asylum law and Congress will DO NOTHING.

Almost everyone in that Congress acts as if nothing is happening. They are allowing bona fide Communists to destroy our laws and ruin our country.


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