Administration Continues to Release Radical Islamic Terrorists from GITMO


Mr. Obama promised to close GITMO and he will. The way he is doing it might leave some scratching their heads. He is releasing them to their home countries. Some were to be imprisoned – ostensibly – but prisons in most of these mid-East countries are made of paper.

Our military risked their lives to capture these people and the only ones who will still be in jail after all is said and done are the US soldiers imprisoned for killing terrorists such as Michael Behenna and John Hatley.

President Obama has no problem releasing ruthless GITMO terrorists in order to clean out the prison at Guantanamo. So what if they come back and kill our soldiers, he might be thinking.


Mr. Obama believes that we don’t need GITMO to keep us safe, but do we need to release captured terrorists to keep us and our military safe?

On July 29th, the Obama Administration  quietly released 5 Taliban inmates from Gitmo to open peace talks In Afghanistan. They happened to be top Taliban leaders and terrorists. The peace talks never happened and we didn’t even secure the release of our one captured soldier in the region.

Thirty Yemeni detainees are under ‘conditional; detention which means that once their country calms down, they will be returned to Yemen.

Today Obama allowed the release of another prisoner to his homeland. Actually, the US government withdrew its opposition to the release which gave the go-ahead to a federal judge. Ibrahim Idris is a Sudanese fighter and courier for Al-Qaida. He is allegedly too seriously ill with diabetes and schizophrenia to be a danger to anyone and will be returned to the Sudan.

I imagine he will recover considerably once back in his homeland.

In 2010, 25% of the freed detainees returned to the battlefield, in 2011, 28%, in 2012, recidivism was at 28% and that rate is continuing into 2013. (CNN)

Mr. Obama has reduced the numbers in GTIMO from 750 in 2009 to 164 today and he has done it in no small part through releases.

Information about Mr. Idris at UT San diego


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