Administration Gives Details of an Upcoming US-Iraqi Attack on ISIS – Treason?



Giving advanced warning to the enemy used to get people shot.

The Obama administration has revealed details of a plan to attack ISIS in Mosul. ISIS now knows the details, the world knows. Is this providing assistance to the enemy?

There are only 1,000 to 2,000 ISIS in Mosul, a city of about a million people. How are the invading Iraqis and U.S. advisors going to know who and where they are?

Maybe they just go in and wait to be shot at.

Better yet, they can hold a job fair. When all the ISIS people show up, and you know they’ll show up because they want jobs, round them up and ship them to GITMO where they can get job training and career counseling in a controlled environment.

Just for fun I put the definition of “treason” up.

der of treason

When asked why CENTCOM had agreed to reveal so many details of the campaign plan to reporters, the official said that the command wanted to demonstrate “the level of commitment that [the Iraqis] have to this and the significance of this upcoming operation.”


They didn’t mention it would give Barack Obama some street creds as a warrior.

According to Stars & Stripes, the Pentagon says the U.S. will assist Iraqi military in an April or May attack on Mosul to take it back from ISIS.

Since the Pentagon is controlled by the micromanager Barack Obama and his valued advisors such as Valerie Jarrett, and since this is Obama’s modus operandi, one can rightfully assume that Barack Obama gave the order to release the information, putting Iraqi and U.S. soldiers in danger.

He believes in releasing top secret information about allies and planned military operations. He has released information about secret Israeli plans, details about StuxNet, the name of SEAL team Six, the names of spies and Benghazi CIA agents, and the list goes on. Obama has told the enemy when we would leave a particular country, how many soldiers would be in the country and for how long.

Last year, Mosul fell in an embarrassing takeover that never should have happened.

We know that in the upcoming attack to take back Mosul, five Iraqi brigades will join three Kurdish peshmerga brigades that will help contain the Islamic State forces from the north of the city and isolate them from the west.

Also included will be a “Mosul fighting force” which will be comprised largely of police and tribal forces as well as a brigade of counterterrorism forces as well as a reserve force of three smaller brigades.

CENTCOM will assist with equipment, logistics, air support, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

In total, approximately 20,000 to 25,000 Iraqi troops and associated forces will be involved in the fight, according to the official.

“We want them to go in that time frame, because as you get into Ramadan and the summer and the heat, it becomes problematic if it goes much later than that,” the official said. “The shaping for Mosul and the isolation of Mosul is going on now. The preparation for the forces that will participate in Mosul is ongoing right now.”

One problem – Iraqis, who fled Mosul the first time, aren’t trained yet.

The Iraqis have identified the specific units that will take part in the attack, but the official who spoke to the Stars & Stripes reporter declined to name them. I’m surprised!

There are 1,000 to 2,000 fighters in Mosul and Centcom thinks it will be “easy.”

ISIS now has plenty of time to prepare, beef up their troops, and kill off the resistance or go attack another important town while the resistance is otherwise occupied.

If it’s not meant to be treasonous, it is an incredibly stupid way to fight a war.

General Tom Mcinerney and Rep. Tom Cotton weigh in:


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