While Admitting There’s No Proof, Tim Kaine Says Donald Jr. Committed Treason


Former Vice Presidential candidate, Virginia Senator, and Marxist Tim Kaine says the nothing burger story of Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer to get opposition research on Hillary is TREASON.

That’s right, he says it’s treason.

This is more of the constant abuse of power and hyperbolic attacks by the leftists. The outlandish rhetoric has driven a lot of people into catatonic states as soon as they hear the word “Russia”.

Tim Kaine made his absolutely ridiculous remarks on CNN and admitted there was no proof. Despite there being no evidence, Kaine wants to launch a treason investigation. Shall we shoot Donald Jr. too, Timmy?

Nothing is proven, but it’s obstruction and treason!

“To meet with an adversary to try to get information to hijack democracy. The investigation is now more than just obstruction of justice in investigation. It’s more than just a perjury investigation. It’s a treason investigation,” the 2016 Democratic vice presidential nominee continued.

This is nuts! Perjury by tweet? Is he kidding?

“We don’t know the answer to the question yet. An investigation is not that same as ultimately something that’s going to lead to charges but that’s what this investigation is.”

They want ANOTHER investigation? Still nothing on investigating Hillary, Podesta, the Marxist liar-in-chief, Mr. pen and phone Obama himself.

This all relates to the NY Times fake news story in which they reported that Donald Trump Jr. met with a “Kremlin-connected” lawyer a year ago. But there’s no evidence of wrongdoing in that either.

Trump, Jr., just released his email chain admitting that he did meet with the Russian lawyer because he thought he might get opposition research on Hillary and her illicit dealings with Russia. Why wouldn’t he meet?

If he broke the law trying to get opposition research, then who is safe from the law?



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