Ads Running in Central America Tell of Freebies & Jobs Waiting in the USA


A reporter interviewed quite a few people who said they are coming to the U.S. because of ads telling them there are many free benefits and jobs waiting for them.

One person here illegally said, “They say if we come to the United States, we can find work.”

Reporter Sydney Hernandez says illegal immigrants told her they came to the U.S. “because free American services and assistance are being advertised in their home countries.”

Sydney Hernandez said every illegal alien she spoke with at one session said the same thing.

“They say if we come to the United States we can find work,” one man tells KGBT CBS4 reporter Sydney Hernandez, who recently witnessed close to 300 illegals cross the border in a single night.

Yes,” another illegal confirms, “we’ve been told that we read it on our newspapers. That’s why we’re here.”

Is anyone in Congress trying to find out who is running the ads?

There is not much evidence of legitimate asylum claims.



  1. There needs to be greater exposure of the NGO situation. The NGO’s have exploited the legal system in order to gain ownership of private property resulting in loss of business and employees without work. It’s done by finding loopholes in a system that doesn’t have the best safeguards. It wouldn’t be a surprise if kickbacks weren’t involved and the best cover-up is to have those displaced to leave the country. No one will be the wiser then.

    It was to be resolved after a Civil War ended in 1996 and continued through 2005. There are many land disputes and this is where NGO’s enter to confuse the issue. The Law of Supplementary Titles allows for the acquisition and ownership of land via a series of administrative steps without requiring proof of continued occupation of the land. This law has been heavily criticized for the lack of checks confirming that the land is vacant.

    Civil courts are and will remain of limited use in resolving land conflicts because they are slow, inefficient, overburdened, inaccessible, and lack rules of evidence and expertise. Courts are also perceived as lacking neutrality on land issues. Although the Peace Accords contemplated the creation of specific land courts, none yet exist.

  2. And Now THIS:

    Separated migrant families sue U.S. government, demand $3 million each. Six migrant families filed multi-million dollar claims Monday against the Trump administration over last year’s family separations, saying they need the money to pay for counseling and other medical care to heal from the “torture” they said they suffered.

    You really want to go down this road. Do they think this won’t anger a Large population of the US.

    • And we have now allowed more schiff to be piled on. These cases should never never pass as acceptable to a court. I am not kidding, this will lead to residents in foreign countries suing the US for not parking in their front yard with a private jet to America, fueled and ready to go, when they are. It will be cruel not to offer in flight movies.

  3. Having lived and worked in C.A. I can assure you the shipping of surplus population to the USA is a well established practice.Not only do these nations oligarchy get rid of potential dissidents they also send many billions of dollars back home in remittances. They also facilitate drugs and other illegal activities and supply cheap,exploitable labor. Its a real serious racket and its only going to get worse. Honduras Has the highest murder rate in the world and Guatemala and El Salvador are not far behind. Its so bad that inTegusagulpa the bodegas sell coffins. That,my friends, is the culture that is pouring into America. 40 million plus illegals are already here and each one of them costs $50,000 a year when you total it allup. That’s 2 TRILLION a year! Wonder why our infrastructure is crumbling, medical costs soaring, school collapsing, crime soaring, taxes escalating? Why the middle class is being crushed and has not seen an increase in real wages in decades? That and much more is why we need to not only stop this but to send them back by whatever means possible.

  4. Is America buying ad space in Guatemala for truth ads? ‘Do not come, you will be held in a detention center until your case comes to court, which could be years, and made to drink from a toilet’.

    This schiff has got to stop. Foreign countries tell their citizenry America is wonderful. So called ‘Americans’ tell Americans, every day, that America is a sh**Hole country.

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