Ads Running in Central America Tell of Freebies & Jobs Waiting in the USA


A reporter interviewed quite a few people who said they are coming to the U.S. because of ads telling them there are many free benefits and jobs waiting for them.

One person here illegally said, “They say if we come to the United States, we can find work.”

Reporter Sydney Hernandez says illegal immigrants told her they came to the U.S. “because free American services and assistance are being advertised in their home countries.”

Sydney Hernandez said every illegal alien she spoke with at one session said the same thing.

“They say if we come to the United States we can find work,” one man tells KGBT CBS4 reporter Sydney Hernandez, who recently witnessed close to 300 illegals cross the border in a single night.

Yes,” another illegal confirms, “we’ve been told that we read it on our newspapers. That’s why we’re here.”

Is anyone in Congress trying to find out who is running the ads?

There is not much evidence of legitimate asylum claims.

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