Obamacare Horror Stories, Reporting from the Ground


The following are a few of The Affordable Obamacare Act catastrophes hitting average Americans every day. You can see them for yourself at My Cancellation ‏@MyCancellation on Twitter. (Mr. Obama doesn’t want the healthcare law called Obamacare any longer so we are calling it The Affordable Obamacare Act in due deference.)


1. The first case is Walter who was paying $349 a month for his healthcare with a $10,000 deductible. I don’t know Walter’s age but he does have to pay for maternity and women’s birth control after all.

Due to #ObamaCare Walter has a 237% premium increase w/ $11,000 deductible! $1,179/mo.. that’s a mortgage payment!! twitter pic



2. The second case is Sheri who has to pay a ‘fee’ otherwise known as a tax of 9.5% on her premium!

New #ObamaCare #Tax Collected: “fee approx 9.5% of current prem & will be charged to everyone regardless of plan” twitter pic 


3. How about this – this person is being automatically put into the $813.77 a month plan. That must be Obama’s ‘fix.’

Board overseeing Cali health exchange rejects President’s ObamaCare cancellation “fix” #GetCovered? We already were!! twitter pic

covered cali


4. How about this poor man and his 182% premium increase

Multiple letters notifying him that his current health plan is cancelled bc of #ObamaCare. He’s hit w 182% prem spike twitter pic


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