AFL-CIO Tells Border Patrol to Drop Out of Trump Tour on the Border and They Do


Union Thug, Richard Trumka
Union Thug, Richard Trumka

It would nice to be supportive of unions, especially private sector unions, but it’s difficult when they do things that run counter to what is good for their membership and the American people.

While I am not trying to promote Donald Trump for president – the Sentinel does not support candidates before a Primary – Trump is bringing attention to a serious problem largely ignored by politicians and the media.

Interestingly, the more Trump is attacked, the more his poll numbers rise.

Trump is in Laredo, Texas Thursday for a tour of the border region but, according to Breitbart Texas, the AFL-CIO has influenced the Border Patrol in some way so they will not participate though they were the ones who invited Trump originally.

Trump turned around upon being disinvited and said it’s too bad someone in Washington wouldn’t allow the brave men and women of the Border Patrol to participate.

Allegedly the cancellation came about because Trump described it as an “honor” and was giving the impression that the union supported him, but Breitbart has different information.

According to Breitbart Texas, the AFL-CIO, which is led by Obama advocate Richard Trumka, “intervened” and convinced the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) to drop out of the tour. The “convincing” probably resulted from some bone being thrown to them or they were threatened.

Border Patrol agent Hector Garza, in his role as Local 2455 president, invited Trump to the Texas-Mexico border. Laredo is a big drug cartel hub.

Trump will continue the tour without the Border Patrol.

One Border Patrol agent who spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity said, “The union has largely appealed to the public for more attention to the dangers posed by illegal immigrants who cross the border, so it’s strange that the AFL-CIO side would take lead and try to hurt a presidential candidate for saying the same things the union always says. This kind of crap is why I left the union.” The agent continued, “The agents who actually work on the border invited him. This seems contrived.”

Two of the five border sectors, the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo, have been the worst for drug smuggling and human trafficking with Laredo border security largely untouched by the State of Texas despite their promise to seal the border because the federal government won’t.

The Laredo Sector is in a losing battle with the Zetas cartel. The Zetas have control of the border.

The AFL-CIO doesn’t really care about getting that information out obviously.

Illegal immigration isn’t only about criminals and drug dealers, it’s costing jobs. One billionaire firm paid illegal immigrants $1.21 an hour last year – in the United States! One worker labored 122 hours a week.

Why aren’t other Republican and Democratic candidates on the border to report on what is happening? This is one of the reasons Trump’s support is going up.

Hillary Clinton is making herself invisible on every issue because every time she opens her mouth she makes mistakes or lies or both and sinks in the polls.

Infowars sent representatives down to the border in preparation for Donald Trump’s visit and caught drug smugglers in the act.

The next video was taken two years ago and the border has gotten worse since then. Not everyone crossing the border is coming here to better their lives legally.

This is one of the drug trails.

The busses to transport illegal aliens in Laredo:



  1. Come on now little sheep do as you union masters tell you to do Don’t even try to think for your self that my friend is against Union Rules and you might catch a grievance or upset a B A

  2. Maybe Union Thug, Richard Trumka should testify before Congress. Congress could pretend they, Perry and Obama did not know anything about the drugs runners. It would make good TV: “Drug Running in Texas”. Some singer could come up with a song for the TV program, something like the “Raw Hide” tune.

  3. 30 years ago I was union president of a paint brush company in Massachusetts.The owner of the company moved the business to New Hampshire to break our union and also to save a lot on wages. Meanwhile our business agent would have Sunday dinner with the owner Nice ha

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