Africans Continue to Pour in, No Mexican Troops in Sight


The Epoch Times actually reports the news and their star reporter, Charlotte Cuthbertson has been watching the flow of Africans into the country. She has yet to see the promised Mexican soldiers. Haitians are also pouring in. The Mexican government lied as usual and the truth is that these uneducated people from communist lands will bring our country down. They aren’t coming to assimilate.

This is the end of our sovereignty and our nation if this continues and it’s the Democrats making it happen. There are a lot of awful Republicans too, but the Democrats are full-blown socialists who want to destroy our nation.


As you read this, just keep in mind that all the Democratic candidates for President support this and all want to give them free healthcare while our own citizens often don’t have it and many live on the streets.

Sydney Hernandez is one of the few reporters actually doing her job. In this clip, a little six-year-old was sent alone through trafficking territory so she can join her mother in New Jersey. Obviously, her mother is here illegally.

This is what our law enforcement does and what your Congress clearly supports.

Drugs pour in by any means possible.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Like the Europeans…sit idly by and be mesmerized by the “eye of the snake”…when you come out of it you will have new sinister overlords and wish fervently for the “liberty”, if only mental, that you so cherished…You can then thank a leftist, progressive liberal demoncrap, a rino and the sold out mainstream media for your situation…if it would make you feel any better….

Jan Williams
Jan Williams
3 years ago

I hope the President sees this.