After 2020, America Will Be Forever Changed


Illegal immigration is about to forever alter our culture and our politics, beginning in 2021. Thanks to corporations and the ideological left, illegal alien foreigners will determine our future, according to the latest Census Bureau statistics. They vote for the furthest left candidates primarily.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal immigration will add more than 19 Representatives, more than 19 electoral votes to Democrat states and it will take 26 congressional districts and 26 electoral votes from Trump states.

Ohio will have three fewer seats in 2020, Michigan and Pennsylvania will have two fewer, and Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin will each have one fewer seat.

California will gain 11, New York and Texas four, Florida three more seats, New Jersey two, and Illinois and Massachusetts will each have one additional seat.

Of the 26 seats that will be lost, 24 are from states that voted for Trump in 2016.

Nineteen seats will go to the solidly Democratic states of California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

This is why there was such a fight over the census. The left, and their corporate enablers, saw this as the future they wanted for the United States.

This political redistribution has been going on for decades.

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Ted R. Weiland
Ted R. Weiland
3 years ago

This could never occur under the Bible’s One-Vote election system, per Deuteronomy 17:10 & 15, etc.

All of the Constitutional Republic’s unbiblical election system’s inherent problems (particularly election fraud) are eliminated with a return to a biblical government. In fact all of the biblically adverse Constitutional Republic’s inherent problems in all three branches are eliminated by means of the Bible’s immutable moral law.

For more, see blog article “Constitutional Elections: Dining at the ‘Devil’s Table,'” at http://www dot constitutionmythbusters dot org/constitutional-elections-dining-at-the-devils-table/

Then, at the same location: “Salvation by Election.” Don’t be fooled by the title.

John Acord
John Acord
3 years ago

No, it will not collapse and 2021 will not be the end.We have 70 million supporters and most ofthe guns.What The Commiecrats built for decades can be undone in a month.

Wayne Tilly
Wayne Tilly
3 years ago

The future is sealed and America will be lost forever. 2019 will go down in history of the year that saw the start of the collapse of this nation that lead the world throughout the 20th Century.God bless that America but not those that caused it to go down the slippery slop of the 21st Century.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Why the push for drivers license for illegals and allowing felons to vote.