After 30 Dems Romp in PR, Nancy Disinvites the President to Give SOTU


Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignored it when thirty of her Progressive Democrat House members romped on the beach in Puerto Rico with 109 lobbyists and corporation heads during the shutdown, and she refuses to negotiate at all with the President on border security. She has just topped that off by disinviting the President from giving the State of the Union address.

Her outlandish excuse for disinviting the President is that there’s not enough money to have all those people come and provide security. Ridiculous.

When will people see her for what she is? This woman will not protect our borders and will make no offers for a compromise. That is what people do in Banana Republics.



A bipartisan group of House members will be meeting later today with President Trump to talk about solving the ongoing border security debate and end the government shutdown.

Some freshmen Democrats have had enough.

The President invited select Democrats to the White House yesterday to attempt a negotiation, but they boycotted the meeting.

Pelosi keeps her people on a leash. However, there are some Democrats who want a compromise and support a border barrier.

This from Politico

From the Politico Playbook morning briefing: “THE PROBLEM SOLVERS CAUCUS — a bipartisan group of House members — is going to the White House today at 11:30 a.m. for a meeting with PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. They are meeting in the Situation Room, far away from everyone else in the White House. Republicans and Democrats are expected to attend this meeting.”

The only possible outcome of the meeting is the Democrats who attend will pressure Pelosi, but they are all afraid of her. If he could wean away some votes, he might get something passed, but that’s not likely at this point.

Pelosi’s actions are insane. Of course, we need security at the border, and one of those measures has to be more wall. If the corporations didn’t want the cheap labor, it would be a different story. And if the incoming illegal aliens were voting Republicans, the Democrats would be lined up at the border shooting them.

People are out of work, and she won’t compromise. She’s a horrible person.

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Pilot Dave
Pilot Dave
3 years ago

There is very little the US Constitution requires of Congress each year. Passing a budget is one of them. It does not say “balanced”… Yet, we have not had a budget since G W Bush !! These CS or CR (continuous spending or resolution) are not a budget.

Why do we pay for a Congress that does not do their basic job ? Use the savings from these “NON Essential” Federal functions to fund the WALL.. build it TALL

Leo Simmons
3 years ago

No problem! Give it in the Senate. Invite the non-Rino conservatives! Let America see who’s who to support next election…

3 years ago

Ignore Nancy. Give your State of the Union speech, Mr. President, and be sure to invite as guests the angel mothers who have had their children killed by illegal aliens. Also invite Border Patrol agents and ICE agents. If Democrats fail to show up, so be it. MAGA!

Steve Keith
Steve Keith
3 years ago

Keep it up Nanc – you are forcing the president to build the wall without you….let the govt stay closed. I am all for putting you evil libs in your place – it is the SCHUMER SHUTDOWN.

3 years ago

Congress has become irrelevant anyway.
Give the SOTU speech to the people.