After Cancelling Keystone, Looks Like Biden’s Promoting a Taliban Pipeline


Editor’s Note: Politifact disingenuously knocked the Sentinel on this article. It seems Biden hasn’t taken a position on the Taliban pipeline and it’s long been in the works under past presidents. However, despite what they say, it appears to have the support of Biden’s administration as he cancels the Keystone XL and perhaps other pipelines. Eurasianet reports the U.S. appeared to have brokered a deal.

Consider that while the Biden administration was killing a pipeline (Keystone) from which the United States and American workers would greatly benefit, Hunter’s Father appears to be promoting a pipeline aimed at enriching one of the world’s worst dictatorships, and a group responsible for thousands of U.S. deaths.

The U.S. has apparently brokered a meeting between the Turkmenistan government and the Taliban for a Trans-Afghanistan pipeline to bring Turkmen gas across Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. This scheme was the same deal that now-Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad sought to make with the Taliban in the years before the Sept. 11 terror attacks.  Back then, before being Joe’s pick as a “special envoy,” Zalmay was a “consultant” for the Unocal Corporation, which had favorable leanings towards the terrorist Taliban.  “Nothing personal.  Just business.”

Apparently, all those pious environmental arguments we’ve heard from the haughty climate changers take a back seat when there’s big money to be made by two of the world’s worst actors. Freedom House’s latest Freedom in the World report ranks Turkmenistan as among the world’s worst offenders, below even North Korea in terms of freedom and civil liberties. To promote the export of Turkmen gas will strengthen that regime even further.

Then there’s paying the Taliban protection money or “transit fees” for the pipeline going through Afghan territory. Not only will this undermine the elected Afghanistan government even further, but it would also reward the Taliban for an insurgency to the tune of tens of millions of dollars each month.

Perhaps a misunderstanding of the Taliban agenda was an excuse 20 years ago. It should not be one now.

Who would have thought “Lunch Bucket Joe” would be creating “good-paying, fossil fuel-related jobs” boosting dictatorships and terrorists while killing those same opportunities for blue-collar workers in our own Midwest?

The 74+ million Americans who voted for Donald Trump….that’s who.



  1. Warren Buffet is happy with how things are going regarding the pipeline.
    He needs a return on his investment.
    Remember Biden’s handlers love them some Iran, Pockey-schtan and the graveyard of empires known as Afghanistan.
    America last is a feature and not a bug and our external enemies are laughing with glee.

  2. The coup was about destroying the USA, the plan is now being implemented. If Americans are stupid enough and the leaders corrupt enough to allow massive crimes, a fake pandemic, shutdown of the economy, mask wearing, an election coup, mass censorship, they certainly will allow this.

  3. Maybe all those energy jobs Hunter’s Father is promising to laid off American Keystone workers can be had by hooking up with Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. That makes about as much sense as anything else Joe is doing.

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