After Covington, James Woods’ Flogs Media “Destroying Our Culture”


James Woods linked in a tweet to an op-ed by Tucker Carlson which was a summary of his comments on his evening show about the Covington boys.

The commentary was about the media’s assault of the Covington boys after they were accosted by a crazy hate group of street preachers and separatist Native American Nathan Phillips.

Tucker lambasted the media:

Tucker’s assessment is the attack on the boys was not about race, but rather about leaders protecting and justifying their power.


James Woods looked at it from a different perspective. “This assessment of the media jihad against the #CovingtonBoys is a devastating indictment of the #FakeNews destroying our culture.”  After this, it’s clear the “American press is indeed the enemy of the people.”

This is great to know:


Many, like former governor Huckabee, want the parents to sue to put these media whores in their place.

It would be nice to see Andrea Mitchell sued for one!

Personally, Swisher is high on my sue list:

They doxxed and targeted boys who weren’t even in D.C.


It backs up what President Trump has said all along. The media is lying to us. Tucker would add, our leaders are lying to us.

We agree with Ms. Sabia here:


The media can’t accept being wrong, so they are still questioning the kid on what he might have done wrong.

And we leave you with the disgusting Savannah Guthrie. The kid did nothing wrong you witch!


  1. p.s. I’ve been saying the media is the enemy of the people for the past several years. They are directly culpable for the “mood” and “thoughts” of the average american who does not have the time to search for the truth. They have infected the people with their lies. So much so, that there are people out there, who actually think Trump IS a Russian Agent? Does that not make the media responsible, for people to actually think like that?

  2. Picking on kids, how disgusting they have become. I too, find it glorious, that now they will get gob-smacked right in the face. Held responsible for any and all damages created by their vile hatred, that just spews out of their mouths, and oozes from their lips. And, apparently, all is fine with Twatter, no problem? Either it will be fair, or it won’t, and twatter too, will be held accountable. I hope these kids get rich.

    This is a perfect opportunity to hold all of the scumbag’s feet to the fire. I should think that Baron Trump has an excellent good case, it is just too bad that he can’t do that. Only cowards pick on kids, they are despicable, and have a place reserved for them. Peter Fonda, you scumbag.

    It’s time for people to “man-woman up” so to speak, and make people like Peter Fonda, Alyssa, Cher, Barbra, Reiner, Handler, Messing. And not to forget, the VERY ugly big-eared-red headed-elfin loser. All those, of that ilk, need to take their meds and shut up. They are losing their careers faster than they can make them. They can no longer “play” a part. Their money, their riches, their fame; it will all be dried up, and no one w/care.

    It is time to use the Courts to hold their feet, and they can put their money where their mouth is. To the fire? Luckily, we have the Glorious Most High God in Heaven who will make sure that the right result is achieved, even if we never make it to court..A curse to those who profane the Name of God. And in Hollywood, there is hardly a movie that doesn’t.

  3. Sue them right down to the lint in the presses bellybuttons. If I’m on the jury those kids will be getting millions and millions.

  4. The thought of Andrea Mitchel being sued for every last penny she has and anything held jointly with Alan Greenspan sends waves of ecstasy up and down my leg.

  5. the fifth Reich…bought and paid for by the deep state…the same media but only worse…that started with the dan rather lies on who really shot JFK in 1963 – and they say ‘we the people’ can’t handle the truth on who who him then! I can – IT WAS OUR OWN GOVT – THE CIA AND LBJ AND THE BUSHES!!!!

  6. These are the same hypocrites who yell the loudest that they are all about doing things ‘for the children’….e.g. gun control…..if it would save just ONE child, wouldn’t it be worth it ~~~

    And they slice and dice these young men who , of course, fill-in all of their ‘toxic’ boxes…..male, white, Catholic , from the South…..who could possible object ~

    • The mainstream fake media, the enemy of the people, have been pushing their “tainted” fare for years…they honed their ignorance, muck racking, during the Obama period and erupted into boils and open sores on the advent of D. Trump…..

  7. Fetid smirking, almost rises to the level of illegal aliens raping and murdering people Kara Swisher, Not? LOL, you dumXXXses sound dumber everyday

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