After Hillary, Holder Push Attacks, Hazmat’s at Sen. Collins HOME!


Eric Holder recently told an audience that instead for reaching high when they go low, they should kick their opponents. Hillary Clinton said Democrats shouldn’t be civil until they win and Cory Booker called for “revolution”. He quoted from Thomas Jefferson saying, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

Hillary made her comments after the leftists were clawing at and smashing the Supreme Court doors.


They are getting their wish. Hazmat was called to Senator Susan Collins’ office.

After she gave her thoughtful speech based in the Constitution as a reason to vote for Justice Kavanaugh, the libs/leftists became enraged. They had threatened her and her staff prior to the vote and their anger only grew worse after the vote.

Collins is more Democrat than Republican and they were convinced she would succumb to their threats. They didn’t realize she has courage and believes in innocent until proven guilty.

The leftists even raised millions to defeat her in her next election and offered to spend it on her if she voted against Kavanaugh. That’s called bribery and, if not illegal, it’s amoral.

The Bangor Daily News reported that there was a massive police presence outside of Collins’ home Monday afternoon in an upscale neighborhood in the Maine city. Police were called to investigate what has been described as a “suspicious letter.”

“Members of our Criminal Investigation Division are currently on scene and the investigation is ongoing. The Bangor Fire Department and a HAZMAT team from Orono, Maine, are assisting the investigation,” said Sgt. Wade Betters, public information officer for the Bangor Police Department, in a release to the media, according to CNN.

Her husband was home but she wasn’t.

It is not yet known how the letter was delivered – by post or hand.

Susan Collins thanked the First Responders and her neighbors in a statement:

Listen to what she has been through for following her conscience and the constitution:

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